Do You Write Children’s Books? Promote Your Work with a Word Search!

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It’s no secret that self-publishing is on the rise. According to Publisher’s Weekly, there were over 2.3 million books self-published in 2021 in the U.S. In the massive, rolling sea of new titles every ten minutes, it’s important to know how to stand out.

Promoting your work can be difficult––especially if you write in an extra-competitive genre like children’s fiction. You’ll want your website and other materials to be targeted towards children and adults alike.

Creating your own custom word search can be a powerful and engaging tool to help your readers get to know you and your stories. Kids and parents can come to your website to solve the puzzles about your wonderful books.

Making Your Children’s Book Word Search

There are a few different ways you can approach making word searches about children’s books. The types of word searches you make will depend on your current body of work. Below, you’ll find a few examples:

Children’s Book Titles  Word Search

If you are a prolific children’s author, create a list of all of the books you’ve written to make into one comprehensive word search. It might look similar to this word search for the Rhode Island Children’s Book Award.

Promote Your First Book with a Word Search

First-time writers can start by making word searches for their first book. For stand-alone books, you can include the names of characters, general themes of the book, words about the setting, and more. But no spoilers! Kids will want to read the book themselves to find out what happens. This “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” word search provides a good example.

Seasonal and Holiday Word Searches

Seasonal children’s books can focus on the joy of the season. Take this “Polar Express” word search, for example. Many of the words are specific to the book, while others pertain to the holiday season as a whole.

Pro tip: You can also see more free holiday word searches on our website.

Children’s Book Series Word Search

You might also have a series of books you’d like to make a word search for. If you’re in that situation, add favorite characters and locations like before, but also add a few hints as to what will come in future books. These teasers can be a fun game for fans to play and discuss.

Special Vocab or Terminology

Or, if you write books that aren’t necessarily a series but encompass similar ideas, you can add these recurring words to your word search. For example, you could make a word search with just terms from Harry Potter. Or, Dr. Seuss might have made a word search with his unique language in a word search like this one.

Online Activities for Children’s Books

Did you know that you can also embed a word search directly onto your website? Making a puzzle a part of your writing site makes it even easier share with your fans. With the added bonus of online solving, you can use it to promote your book or even run contests.

Here are some ideas for using your word search for promotional purposes:

  • Share it on social media to drive traffic and interest
  • Pair it with an audiobook or an online book for kids to solve in tandem
  • Run a contest with your puzzle, offering your latest book as a prize for the winner

You can also encourage others who enjoy your book to share the puzzle on their website, too. This might include your local library, bookstore, peers, and more.

Offline Activities for Promoting Children’s Books

Many authors attend book events at libraries, bookstores, fairs, book clubs, and more. Having some thematic, branded go-to activities can be a good way to keep kids engaged while waiting for the event to start.

Activities to engage children (and adults) during events might include:

  • Custom word searches about your books, characters, and unique world
  • Mazes that represent something found in your stories
  • Special crossword puzzles that contain clues about your next release
  • Coloring sheets that include pictures of your characters or items from the book
  • Or, make it a more interactive experience with custom bingo cards

You can provide these activities for free with a book signing, give them away as prizes, or have kids solve puzzles in order to receive an extra prize.

Including Word Searches in Your Printed Promos

You can also put your word search in your printed promotional materials. Add a word search to the invitation for an event, and encourage others to do the same. A small word search on the back of your business card will also appeal to the kids who read your books and the adults who buy them.

Once you’ve made your word searches for your children’s books, feel free to post them in the comments or send them to us; we’d be delighted to share them, too. Similarly, if you’d like to make a crossword puzzle for your book, visit our sister site, Crossword Hobbyist. And if you find you need any help making a puzzle for your wonderfully unique book, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help.

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