Word Searches as a Great Waiting Room Games and Activites

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For organizations and businesses who work primarily with kids, you’re eager to offer a waiting room game they will enjoy. After all, you want your office to be a fun and welcoming place! Word searches will provide the perfect activity, especially ones customized to your office. Make one now for your waiting room, or get some ideas below.

Educational Word Searches

Organizations and businesses can use a word search as a waiting room game to help kids understand what they do. Sometimes kids get nervous when waiting for an appointment when they don’t know what’s going to happen. A word search as a waiting room game will calm the nerves with information and fun. For example, a doctor’s office can have word searches about good health, like this healthy snacks word search.

Similarly, a bank can have word searches for kids with words like “money” or “checks” to begin planting the seeds of personal finance. This “Going to the Bank” word search does just that.

Organizations can also have word searches to demonstrate how whole families can get involved. This works particularly well for non-profits or other places where there’s a need for volunteers. This “Whitman Volunteer” word search shares all of the ways your family can help.

Just For Fun Word Searches

Organizations can make word searches based on topics kids just generally like, too. Find a list of age-appropriate movies, books, TV shows, video games, and toys to make your word search as popular as possible. Superheroes, for example, are fun for everyone. This Avengers word search would make a great addition to any waiting room.

You might also make puzzles that highlight the best parts of your organization. Or, make a word search about the office itself. For example, if your word search is for an orthodontist’s office, add a word list with the different colors kids can get on their braces. Waiting rooms with fish tanks can make word searches with the names and/or types of fish. If your waiting room has a lot of artwork on the walls, make a word search about that. These last two examples sneak a little education in there as well!

Word Searches in the Waiting Room

With word searches as a waiting room game, waiting around will feel like the main event. Organizations can make a whole book of them to leave on their waiting room tables. Print out a stack of them to hand out; kids can solve them with crayons and take them home at the end of the appointment. Or, laminate them for kids to solve with dry erase markers, and you’ll be able to reuse them again and again.

You can also add your word searches to your business website under a noticeable header, such as “Waiting Room Games.” Then kids can solve word searches on their parents’ devices while they wait. Or, if your business has a public computer in the waiting room, make the “Waiting Room Games” page the default web page and invite kids to play. This will save paper as well.

Be careful with these word searches, though – kids might never want to leave the waiting room! With so many ways to make and enjoy a word search, your office will be the most popular amongst kids and parents alike. And remember, crossword puzzles are great fun, too. Why wait? Make your puzzles today.

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