Word Searches for Any Viewing Party or Watch Party

viewing party or watch party

Whether it’s your favorite TV show or Monday Night Football, you might invite your friends over every week for a little viewing party. Why not kick it up a notch and add some extra fun that doesn’t distract from the main event?

Making a custom a word search is a great way to engage your guests and make the experience even more memorable. Or who knows, maybe some of these word searches will even inspire you to throw a party you weren’t planning.

Pro Tip: Why stop with word searches? Make your watch party extra fun by creating custom watch party bingo cards loaded with catchphrases, player names, inside jokes, or other predictable elements.

Word Searches for Different Types of Viewing Parties

Between bottomless sports channels, cable, DVDs, and streaming services, there are unlimited things to watch that are worthy of a viewing party. Below, you’ll discover ideas to incorporate word searches into watch parties, based on the event type.

Word Searches for TV Shows and Movies

First off, TV gets better and better all the time, and with the rise of streaming apps, it’s easier to watch than ever. There are a number of shows out there right now that are wildly popular. You can make TV and movie word searches about them with character lists, places unique to the show, or anything else fans would enjoy.

Example: Game of Thrones Word Search

This Game of Thrones word search lists most of the characters and places in the show. It might take your guests an entire episode to solve this one!

You could even make predictions about the latest episode with a word search. Maybe your list features characters you think might die in future episodes. This works well with soap operas, too. Did the last episode reveal someone has an evil twin? Guess who it is with a word search!

Examples: Stranger Things Word Search & Star Wars Word Search

If you’re binge-watching a show or marathoning a movie (whether in parts or all at once), make a word search as a break between episodes or movies. This works well for shows like Stranger Things, or movies like Star Wars.

You could make a word search for every new installment of a franchise. Make a new puzzle every time another Marvel movie comes out, for example.

Viewing Parties for Scientific or Astronomical Events

Watch parties aren’t just limited to the screen. Between sky events, rocket launches, and the natural world, there are plenty of things you can watch together outside. Here are some ideas.

Example: Solar Eclipse Word Search

As you likely know, many Americans watched the solar eclipse earlier this year. Some of our subscribers even made puzzles for their viewing parties.

However, you don’t have to wait for a big astronomical event to have a scientific viewing party. You can have parties and puzzles just for stargazing, or for visiting the planetarium. You might also pair your puzzles with a documentary or other educational movie.

Example: Word Searches for Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are great fun, too, and are made even more fun with a word search like this one.

Thankfully, if you have a fondness for the big scientific events, you can find all sorts of celestial events . And mark your calendar now for the next total solar eclipse in the United states.

Sports Viewing Parties

Sports account for many regular viewing parties, and it’s not limited to the big games like the Super Bowl or the World Series. Below, you’ll find how some users created word searches to commemorate their favorite teams and events.

Example: Chicago Blackhawks Word Search

First, make a word search for your favorite team, like this fan did with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Example: New England Patriots Word Search

Next, we also love this word search Nicole made for the New England Patriots.

Ideas for What to Include on a Sports Viewing Party Word Search

Finally, sports word searches can be as general or as specific as you want. Here are some ideas of what to include to celebrate your team or game:

  • General football terms (great if you don’t want to start a rivalry)
  • Every starter from a specific year to show off your knowledge
  • Add current players to your word search, then change the word list to give only their jersey number as the clue
  • Favorite game day snacks, put them in the puzzle

Award Season Viewing Party

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony. CMA, VMA, and more. Including a word search in your annual Academy Awards watch party can be a fun way to keep people busy during commercial breaks.

You could include things like:

  • Names of nominees
  • Names of categories
  • Names of films or nominated songs
  • General vocabulary about the awards
  • Historical winners

Viewing Party Word Search: Final Thoughts

No matter what you’re watching, and whether it’s for a party of one or one hundred, word searches will add something special. Have you thrown a type of viewing party or a watch party that didn’t make the list? Tell us about it in the comments section. Then go ahead and make some word searches for your next party, and add some crosswords to the mix while you’re at it!

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