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What does it mean to be an American citizen? That’s exactly the question social studies teachers answer in their classrooms every day. As those who educate children on “the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence, social studies teachers know that their worksheets need to be comprehensive, informative, and memorable. To achieve this lofty goal, teachers make word searches to add to their social studies worksheets. See how below.


Our American government is complex, and it’s vital that kids begin learning about their role as citizens at an early age. Kids can begin to build their civic vocabulary with word searches like this one.

This government word search introduces basic words regarding the different branches of government and their functions. For an added step, teachers could have students circle the related words in one color. For example, you can have students circle all of the words related to the Supreme Court in blue (“hears cases,” “justices,” and others). Then the executive branch can be red, and the legislative branch green.


Of course, it’s difficult to understand our government without an understanding of how our government came to be. Include a constitutional word search or crossword puzzle with your social studies worksheets to help students understand America’s beginnings. Or, give them a word search about the thirteen colonies like the one below.

A historical social studies word search will also pair well with a field trip to a museum on any given subject. If your students get to visit the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, for example, give them a word search to solve so they can better associate the vocabulary with the history.


And speaking of Philadelphia – a city filled with rich American history – your students will certainly need to learn a little geography to solve their other social studies worksheets. Make a word search about famous American cities, capitals of states, or even just the states themselves. Furthermore, help students read a map with words relating to cartography and geography with a word search like this.

And More

Many teachers like to pair their social studies word searches with a particular chapter in a textbook, or with a pre-existing list of vocabulary words. It provides an opportunity for younger students in particular to become acquainted with complex words and ideas. No matter what area of social studies you’re covering, you can always have students list definitions of words next to the words in the word list to mix even more learning with play.

See more free social studies word searches for more ideas, or make yours today! With My Word Search, word searches are easy enough to make and add them to all of your social studies worksheets, no matter what subtopic you’re covering today.

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