Make a Valentine’s Day Word Search for Your Valentine’s Cards

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday associated with romantic love, but it’s also a great day for families to share the love they have for each other, their friends, or their congregations. See how others have made loving word searches at My Word Search for everyone in their lives, and how you can make a special Valentine’s Day word search, too.

Will You Be My Valentine?

With an unlimited subscription, you can make a Valentine’s Day word search for everyone you love. Feel free to scroll down to the section that covers who you’d like to make a Valentine’s Day word search for.

For a Special Someone
When making a Valentine’s Day word search for your special someone, personal words go a long way. Take this word search as an example. A couple of the words suit anyone on Valentine’s Day, but a few of them seem special to this couple.

Or, send a loving message by manually ordering the words rather than alphabetically. A word search is a fun way to ask someone to be your Valentine! To do this, simply select the “As Entered” in the word list option under Step 1: Customize.

valentine's day word search

Then enter the words in the order you’d like them to appear in the word search.

valentine's day word search

You might also make a candy heart word search with phrases often found on candy hearts. Here’s a list of favorite candy heart phrases you can work from. Attach a small bag or box of candy hearts to your card so your sweetheart will feel extra sweet!

Remember, when it comes to a Valentine’s Day word search, the more personal the better. And remember, you can always make more than one!

For Your Classroom
Whether you’re a teacher or you’re a parent helping your child make unique Valentine’s cards for their class, this section is for you. For a Valentine’s Day word search for the entire class, add everyone’s name to the word search, or special memories you’ve shared together (such as field trips, fun assignments, etc.).

You can also make word searches for what you love about your students or classmates. They can be “funny,” “smart,” “hardworking,” “friendly,” and more.

For Your Family
February 14th is a great day to share love with your parents, grandparents, and kids. You might make your cards and word searches together for a fun family activity, or make them yourself to share with everyone. Make word searches for each family member filled with words unique to them. Your grandparents, for example, would probably love a Valentine’s card with a word search on it like this one.

Notice how the words in this word search mix standard Valentine’s Day words with names of family members, activities they enjoy doing together, and other unique words that are special to them.

Similarly, you can make word searches specific to something everyone in your family loves. This might be an activity, or a word search dedicated to your four-legged friend.

For Your Congregation
Word searches for your church or religious organization can celebrate your shared love of God. Similar to Valentine’s Day word searches for the classroom, your puzzle might list members of your congregation.

You might also make a word search out of Bible verses, or other quotes from your religious text. Verses of love, giving, and togetherness would work particularly well for Valentine’s Day.

Making A Valentine’s Day Word Search With Love

Now that you know who you’re going to make a Valentine’s Day word search for, and perhaps what kinds of words you might put in, let’s make it!

Hearts, of course, make a wonderful choice for design. A “Valentine Bouquet” offers a unique alternative, too. Take a look at all of the shapes available on My Word Search to find one that fits your needs.

When it comes to size, make a big puzzle to show a lot of love, or several small ones to spread the love. If you’re putting your puzzle on a card, keep the puzzle small to make sure it’ll fit. Smaller puzzles might be better for a whole class, while a big puzzle would suit a sweetheart.

Once you’ve made your Valentine’s Day word search and added it to your Valentine’s cards, add a small pink or red pencil or crayon to the card. It’ll encourage solving and add an extra dose of thoughtfulness!

Your cards will pop with a Valentine’s Day word search on your Valentine’s cards. The receiver will feel the extra love, and everyone will have a lot of fun. Make your Valentine’s Day word search now, and add a crossword puzzle to make it an extra special holiday.

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