Need a Unique Proposal Idea? Make a Proposal Crossword!

unique proposal idea

It’s a lot of fun to have a storybook proposal, the kind that friends and family ask you to share again and again. What’s more delightful to read and share than a heartwarming story of love? You, too, can have this kind of unique proposal idea by making a proposal crossword to pop the question. With My Crossword Maker, crossword construction is made easy so that all you have worry about is hearing that wonderful answer: “Yes.”

Making Your Proposal Crossword

With Crossword Hobbyist, you have the option to make two kinds of puzzles: a standard crossword or a newspaper-style crossword. A standard crossword puzzle will work best to fit in all of the personal clues and answers you have planned out. In other words, if you want the entire crossword to be personalized, this is the best route for you.

A newspaper-style crossword puzzle, on the other hand, will allow you to go the extra mile and have your crossword published in a major newspaper. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again – here are some true life stories of crossword proposals with the help of major publications.

Even Jon Stewart proposed to his wife with a crossword and the help of Will Shortz.

If you’re going this far, check out our guide on creating a professional crossword puzzle. You may enjoy perusing the “Cruciverbalist” section of our blog as well.

Whichever kind of crossword puzzle you choose to make, don’t give everything away at once! Try to make your crossword ease into the question rather than immediately listing the question as the clue. This “Pop the Question” crossword provides an example.

And remember – the more unique and personal your clues, the more emotional and memorable it will be. Pull out all of your favorite inside jokes, memories, and maybe even pictures to reminisce over as your future fiancé solves the puzzle.

How to Pop the Question

Now comes the exciting part – how to pop the question! For those of you not going the professional publication route, consider these options for sharing your proposal crossword.

Your crossword might be part of a larger proposal. For example, perhaps it gives clues to a scavenger hunt you’ve prepared. The clues might go in order of the scavenger hunt, with the last clue and answer leading to the final question.

If your beloved gets intense when solving crosswords, you can always set up an exciting proposal with friends and family, lights, balloons, flowers, and the works while solving. Once she’s done, she’ll receive more than one surprise!

And even if you’re not getting your puzzle officially printed in a newspaper, you could always paste your crossword into the paper. Put the paper next to a nice breakfast in bed for a more intimate proposal. Or, solve your crossword together online. Start with a few at our professional crosswords page, then ease into your personal puzzle to make it more of a surprise.

Similarly, you can make a whole book of puzzles to lead up to the special one. This might also include romantic word searches shaped like hearts and filled with declarations of love. Then each of your unique crosswords can focus on one aspect of your relationship, like your favorite vacation together and your future plans. Then end with a puzzle as personal and in-depth as this one.

For just $6, you can have a unique and special proposal ready in minutes. Or, with a monthly plan, you can add a crossword puzzle to your wedding day once you’ve gotten a “yes.” Share your puzzle with us, too, after the big reveal as we’d love to help your story and love spread!

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