Use a Travel Word Search to Promote Tourism

travel word search

Whether your ideal customer is Googling “Budget Vacations” or browsing #Wanderlust on Instagram, most tourists find their next destination online. You can reach this customer by making a travel word search to promote tourism in your favorite areas. How do you do that? It’s easy! With our word search maker, you can make a word search about how to travel and where to travel. Then, share it online or in print.

Ideas for Your Travel Word Search

The easiest way to make a travel word search is to write down any words that come to mind and go from there. To make a themed travel word search, check out these ideas.

Types of Travel

Travel is about the journey as much as the destination. List different modes of transportation for your word search. These can be as simple as “car” or “boat.” Your word search might get as specific as the model of transportation. The key is to choose words that will help customers understand what you offer.

This “Bus Travel” puzzle provides a good example. The words all relate to bus travel – how to ride the bus, locations the bus goes, and even payment methods.

Your word search may also have a transportation-specific design. Choose a boat for a cruise or a plane for a farther destination.

What to Pack

Customers looking to travel to certain destinations will have packing questions. What’s the weather like? What kind of trip is it? How long will you go for? Use a travel word search to answer these questions. Create different travel word searches for different vacation packages or for different locations.

A backpack for a camping trip will hold different items than a suitcase for a city trip, for example. People will also need more items on longer trips. This type of packing word search will use more words, too.


Make travel word searches to cater to the areas you and your business serve. Michigan, for example, is well-known for its hiking, camping, and trails. This “Michigan Footpaths” puzzle is a good way to promote hiking opportunities. Visitors might find it on a Michigan tourism website, in a tourist center, or at the trails themselves.

You can also find a puzzle for all U.S. states by browsing free U.S. state word searches that are printable or you can solve them online. That said,  making your own word search will give it that personal touch!

Sharing Your Travel Word Search

There are plenty of ways to share your travel word search according to your customer’s needs and desires. Travel websites are popular, and it’s easy to share your travel word search on any website by embedding the puzzle. Share it on any page or blog post relating to the theme of your word search, or put it on the front page to encourage visitors to stay and explore more.

If your tourism company caters to families in some way, put the word search on family pages. Many websites even have a “Kids Corner” section for word searches and crossword puzzles.

You can always print out your puzzles, too. Then, add them to other print materials such as brochures and tour guide packets. They can also stand alone as their own item available at visitor centers.

Finally, recommend My Word Search to your visitors as a way to remember their travels. Kids will love their “Memories of Chicago!” after a trip to the Windy City, for example. Visitors can add each new destination to a puzzle every time they travel somewhere new.

You can also update your travel word search any time you have a new destination or a new attraction to promote. Tourists will come back to you for another visit when they remember the good times they had with your business.

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