Travel the World With a Geography Word Search!

geography word search

Geography applies to numerous school subjects in intricate ways. The connection between the physical world and its inhabitants affects our daily lives, from the kinds of houses we live in to the way we interact with others. Since it’s so important for kids to learn geography at an early age, make it fun with a geography word search!

Geography word searches––and even creating custom bingo cards––can introduce geographical terms. Afterwards, you can use a crossword to reinforce the larger concepts behind these terms.

Tips for Creating Geography Word Searches

All you need to create your own word search is a list of words you want puzzle-solvers to find. They can be random words that are loosely associated with geography, or be part of a more focused theme.

Pro Tip: When creating a word search, it’s best to use one-word clues, rather than multi-word clues.

Theme Idea: Country Names, by Continent or Region

Geography word searches could simply start with a word list of all the countries a child knows. They’ll experience more benefits, though, by learning about countries within a single continent, a single hemisphere, or by listing cities within a country.

These two puzzles focus on the countries within a continent. The first lists all of the countries in Africa, proving to be an extensive and challenging word search.

Another one here lists all of the countries in North America.

Theme Idea: Cities and Cultural Geography Word Searches

Geography word searches may focus on one country by listing cities, but also cultural elements of that country. This Kuwait word search does just that by listing cities, citizen demographics, and even words pertaining to the government and economy.

For a fun extra step, add words from the country’s native language like in these Spanish word searches. This method works best for classes focusing on Spanish or French speaking countries.

Theme Idea: Peoples and Tribes

Geography word searches might also focus on tribal geography. Native American tribes in North America or African tribes often recognize borders not legally acknowledged by current governments. A word list might include the names of the tribal borders along with the government-mandated ones.

Any of these geography word searches pair well with Google Earth or Google Maps, too. Create a word search for a region or a country, then have students explore that area on Google Earth, or vice versa. This would also work with a physical map. A geography word search also goes well with a map-labeling exercise.

Theme Idea: Maps and Cartography

Geography word searches can also teach students how to use maps. There are plenty of words unique to maps or globes. Pair a word search like the one below with an actual map or globe to reinforce how to read maps, or even introduce the concept of cartography.

Theme Idea: Topology and Physical Geography Word Searches

Geography word searches like these also promote elements of physical geography. This may include words like:

  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Jungles
  • Oceans
  • Deserts
  • Forests
  • And many more

This physical geography word search highlights many of these words.

A word search like this would work well for a science class when discussing related geological events. For example, you could list bodies of water that have formed as a result of glaciers, or mountains and islands made from volcanoes.

Theme Idea: Features of a Specific Region

Along these lines, a geography word search might list terms specific to certain regions. The word search below features physical geography specific to North America. Have students solve a puzzle like this, then identify the different locations on a blank map to reinforce both the name and location.

Geography Word Searches: Final Thoughts

Not only will kids learn a lot from a geography word search, it’s a great way to explore the world from their very own home. Pairing a geography word search with a field trip or a vacation works great as well.

Come make a geography word search, or make a geography crossword puzzle, and start exploring the world today!

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