25+ Transportation Word Searches For Your Travels

transportation word searches

Planes, trains, and automobiles! If your kids are fascinated with all of the ways we get around, then they’ll love these transportation word searches. Some of these word searches list all the common modes of transportation we use, while others focus on one type of transportation. Scroll down to find your kid’s favorite mode of transportation and the corresponding word searches.

General Transportation Word Searches

If your kids enjoy all kinds of transportation, start with these word searches.

Modes of Transportation
Historical Transportation

Car Word Searches

When you’re on a road trip with kids, you need a variety of activities to keep them entertained! Car word searches make a great addition to any road trip. Print some out for the car ride ahead.

Car Maintenance
Car Parts
Car Models
Car Parts!

Boat Word Searches

Ahoy, there! If your family loves to travel the high seas, these puzzles are for you.

Boating Search

Public Transport Word Searches

Traveling with others? Check out these planes, buses, and trains word searches.

Plane Fun
Train Vacations
Bus Travel

Walking, Biking, and Hiking Word Searches

Commuting by bike or on foot is good for the environment. Enjoy these word searches in an eco-friendly way by solving them right here online.

Nature Walk
Mud Run
To Run a Good Race

No matter how you’re getting around today or how far you’re going, you can enjoy the journey with these transportation puzzles. If you’re going somewhere far without internet access, don’t forget you can print these word searches, too. Simply visit the word searches you’d like to print, then select the “Print” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the puzzle.

Create Your Own

Were you looking for a word search that isn’t here? Then make your own! It’s easy to add your list of words, and you can choose fun transportation designs like planes or boats. Once you’ve made your transportation word searches, share them in the comments; they might even make it onto this list!

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