Take Kids to Broadway with a Music Word Search

music word search

Many parents want to introduce younger kids to great culture, yet some might be nervous that kids will “act up” in quieter places like the theater. There’s no need to worry, though – just give your kids an engaging and educational music word search to keep them occupied before the curtain comes up. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the Broadway or your local community concert venue, as these word searches will work anywhere.

Prepare Them for the Show

Make a music word search based on the show you’re seeing by listing the names of the performers, selections they’ll perform, and other unique details. This word search provides a catch-all for historically-famous musicals and performers. Your word search will feature a different list based on who your family will see live.

Did you know that you can see the instrumentalists in the pit before the show starts and during the intermission? Take your kids up to the pit so they can see the instruments from this “Musical Instruments” word search, or from a similar word search you make for them.

For the instruments you won’t see in the pit, like an ocarina or an accordian, you can always supplement it with YouTube videos, or more trips to concerts and theaters!

After their first performance, kids will want to know the different kinds of “Musical Stories” they can experience. Let them know with a music word search. Talk to them about what each kind of performance entails, and then offer to take them to another so they can see it for themselves.

The Broader World of Performance

Your kids might become interested enough in music and theater that they want to take the stage themselves. Introduce them to the different roles they might fulfill within an ensemble like the Wheatland Chorale, or perhaps even introduce them to their options for a career in music.

As they find the words for each type of performer, have them then point out that person in the program after a performance. Where are the singers? How about the conductor? When they find the word “audience” in the word search, your child can simply point to themselves!

For kids who take music lessons, all of these outings and word searches will act as great supplements to their lessons. No matter what instrument they study, you can further their understanding of musical vocabulary with a music word search like this one.

Once kids learn about the world of performance through the word searches you’ve made them, have them make their own to demonstrate their knowledge! The words they choose will give you a good sense of what they like in performances, which in turn will help you buy tickets for the next concert or theatrical production. And don’t forget – your kids might enjoy free musical crossword puzzles just as much.

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