Solving Equations Crossword Puzzles for Your Math Class

solving equations crossword puzzles

Kids love to play educational games in the classroom, and teachers love to assign them. Crosswords make a great addition to any classroom, but math teachers can use crosswords in special ways. With solving equations crossword puzzles made at My Crossword Maker, students will love to solve even the most difficult math problems.

Important Vocabulary for Equations Crosswords

Teachers love to use crosswords to reinforce important vocabulary with good reason. Research shows it works. Students have a lot of terms to work with in order to solve complex equations. Begin your solving equation crosswords with definitions. Here are several common vocabulary words for an equations crossword:

  • Variable
  • Constant
  • Coefficient
  • Operator
  • Term
  • Expression
  • Equation

Whether you include these words in the clues or the answers, they will help students complete solving equations crossword puzzles like the one below.

Of course, you’ll want to change this vocabulary list according to your students’ needs and your lesson plan.

It’s important to not only define the words, but to make a crossword puzzle that ensures total comprehension. Start with a definition crossword puzzle. Then, take your math class to the next level with solving equations crossword puzzles.

Making Equations Crosswords

The possibilities for solving equations crossword puzzles are endless. These two options will get you started.

For the first option, list equations you’d like students to solve as the clues. Then, write the answers in as the answer to the crossword. Or, for a more in-depth and comprehensive approach, make the second kind of crossword using the following steps:

  1. Start with a single equation. The more parts to the equation, the better.
  2. Make a list of vocabulary words students will need to identify within the equation. These might include the terms listed in the previous section.
  3. Now, in the clues to the crossword, ask students to identify the part of the equation that matches that term.

Here is an example of what the second kind of solving equations crossword puzzle might look like:

Notice how you can either make the equation part of the crossword, or you can list the equation in the top right-hand box. By having the equation in the top right-hand box, students will have enough room to label and diagram the different parts of the equation.

And the best part about solving equations crossword puzzles? You can make this kind of crossword over and over again. Simply choose a new equation or equations, and change the answers according to that equation. Students will love the unique way of solving math problems. In turn, this will help them remember more information. Make your crosswords today. Or, for another unique way of introducing equations, make equations word searches.

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