Realtors: Make Your Website Stand Out With a Real Estate Crossword

real estate crossword

Buying and selling a home is stressful. Realtors know this, so they aim to make the process as simple as possible for their clients. But how can you, as a real estate agent, attract potential clients and assure them you’re the right fit? A real estate crossword can help. Crosswords are fun and down-to-earth, which will help clients to see you that way as well. Plus, by giving clients a fun tool to better understand the process of buying or selling a home, you’ll gain their confidence and their business.

What to Add to a Real Estate Crossword

As a knowledgeable realtor, you’ll already have all of the information you need to make a wonderful real estate crossword. What information is most helpful to your clients at the beginning? Answer those questions on your website, then put it into a crossword to help reinforce the information. The crossword below provides a sample.

In addition to what you know, what are your unique strengths as a realtor? Realtor websites highlight what you do best, and so will your crossword. What areas do you serve? Adding clues about the neighborhoods you represent will assure clients that you know what they’re looking for.

Don’t forget to add your contact information when you make your real estate crossword. When the crossword is on your website, potential clients will know how to reach you immediately. Should your crossword get picked up by other websites, then you’ll gain traffic from there as well. This realtor even put a call to action in her title.

Adding a Crossword to Your Realtor Website

When you make your real estate crossword, you might have a specific page on your website in mind. Or you might find yourself with a great crossword without a clear page for it. Here are a number of places you can put your real estate crossword.

  • Add a crossword to the end of your main page to review important information for new clients.
  • If you maintain a blog, add it to a relevant blog post. Don’t have a relevant post yet? Make one specifically for your crossword!
  • Give your crossword puzzles their very own page and link to that page from other relevant pages. For example, if you have a glossary page and a resources page, you might put in a puzzle for each page, or make one page for crossword puzzles and link to it from those pages.

With easy embedding, it takes only seconds to put your real estate crossword onto any page of your website. That way, if you change or update your content for any reason, or if you decide to put your puzzle somewhere else on your website, it won’t be difficult to move.

Not only will a real estate crossword add an enticing element to your realtor website for new clients, you’ll know that your clients are better prepared for the home buying or selling process. Make your crossword puzzle today, and if you specialize in working with families, make word searches for the kids to solve, too.

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