Pokémon Word Searches: Gotta Find ‘Em All!

pokemon word searches

Many Pokémon fans, young and old, dream of catching every Pokémon and becoming a Pokémon master. Fans like you are always searching for the newest Pokémon game, a new way to “be the best.” Making and solving Pokémon word searches at My Word Search is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon.

Pokémon Word Searches: Solve or Make Your Own

There are as many Pokémon word searches as there are Pokémon because you can make your own! Many other “trainers” have already made their own word searches at My Word Search. You can solve them here or use them to get ideas for how to make your own.

For your first themed word searches, start off simple like this free Pokémon word search printable you can get as a PDF or solve online. A word search like this is great for a new Pokémon trainer who wants to learn more about the original pocket monsters.

Then, organize your word searches and word list according to types of Pokémon. There are currently 18 known types of Pokémon. Some of these include:

More advanced Pokémon trainers will then want to show off their knowledge of the different generations of Pokémon. Someone who’s only familiar with the original 151 Pokémon would not be able to identify these Sun and Moon Pokémon in the wild, for example.

And don’t forget to make a Pokédex word search along the way! Every time you catch a new Pokémon in your preferred version of the game, add it to a “Pokédex” word search, like the one below.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

When you catch Pokémon in the games and battle them, there are prizes like money and gym badges. Solving Pokémon word searches can come with real-life prizes.


With a group of people – whether it’s for a party or a Pokémon Go gathering – there are several ways to enjoy Pokémon word searches together. Make a contest out of solving the word search, and give a prize to whoever solves the word search first, for example. Give friends a Pokémon word search in a Pokéball for a bit of added fun.


Some people prefer training solo, and they can enjoy Pokémon word searches on their own, too. Pokémon word searches make great gifts or rewards for younger trainers. Give Pokémon word searches as a reward for finishing chores and homework, too. Or, include it in a gift set with other Pokémon prizes, such as trading cards.

When solving, challenge kids on their Poké-knowledge for a treat or a prize. For added fun, have them circle the Pokémon they find in the color of its type. For example, they might circle:

  • Fire in red
  • Grass in green
  • Water in blue
  • Electric in yellow
  • And so on

To have them really show off their knowledge, ask them to label the generation of each Pokémon in a mixed word search.

Pokémon word searches allow kids to enjoy Pokémon without spending so much time in front of a screen. Even if they solve their word searches online, they’re enjoying a game that requires reading and word recognition. Make your word searches today to become a Pokémon master.

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