Personal Word Search Puzzles for Kids Will Bring Families Together

personal word search puzzles for kids

Positive words of affirmation help kids to develop a good self-esteem. Making personal word search puzzles for kids will help develop this self-esteem. A personal word search puzzle can also show your kids how much you love them. Make your word search now, or find ideas below.

Describing The Wonderful Kids in Your Life

When making your word search, use a mix of words that describe how you feel about your kids, along with the people and the things they love. This will demonstrate that you listen to them, and will help their self-esteem. Here are a couple of puzzles people made through My Word Search with a loved one in mind.

Notice how the last word search is made for two kids. These personal word search puzzles can be fun for siblings to solve together and will bring them closer together.

You can also choose words specific to your child’s week. Every day when you ask what happened that day, or when your kids tell you stories about their lives, make a note of it. Then add words to a word search at the end of each week to celebrate their achievements, no matter how small.

This list of positive affirmations will fit into any word search puzzles for kids, too. Turn the puzzle into a big smiley face to make it extra joyful.

Word Search Puzzles for Kids Based on Activities and Events

You can make word searches specific to the things your kids care about (bonus points if it’s a topic they think you don’t care about at all!). For example, make a word search about your kids’ favorite show, then watch it with them. Or give them a word search as a surprise to reveal that you’re taking them to a concert featuring their favorite singer. Then your word search will add a bonding activity to your words of affirmation.

If your kids are going off to camp, let them know how much you love them with word searches. Where are they going? What fun activities will they do while they’re there? This will show your kids that you’re excited for them, but will also miss them.

Celebrate a big achievement in your child’s life with word searches, too. If they won a big award, make a list of words that highlights all of the great work they did, the steps they took to achieve the goal, and the obstacles they overcame. This will teach your kids more about hard work while also demonstrating how proud you are.

Word searches also make a great addition to birthday parties and other holidays. This blog also has plenty of posts on creating word searches for particular holidays.

Personal word search puzzles for kids will go a long way to making sure your kids know just how proud you are. The self-esteem boost through personal word search puzzles will also last kids a lifetime. Make a word search now, and a crossword puzzle, too.

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