Movie Word Search Puzzles: Solve These With Popcorn!

movie word search

Whether you enjoy a good laugh or a good scream at the movies, there’s a movie word search for you. This list features movie word search puzzles for different genres, decades, actors, and even directors. We’ll share why you’ll want to pair your movie with a word search. Then, you’ll dive into all the wonderful puzzles you can solve. If you don’t see one that fits your unique cinematic tastes, make your own with our word search maker.

4 Reasons to Bring Word Searches to the Movies

If you’re 100% on board with bringing a word search to the movies, then go ahead and scroll down to our list of favorite puzzles. For those of you who aren’t quite sure of the benefits, here are our top four.

#1  They’re a healthier treat than candy.

Everyone loves a bucket of movie-theater popcorn. A movie word search makes a good replacement for that extra box of candy, though. Cut the calories by searching for candy words instead!

#2  They will balance your screen time for the day.

We spend a lot of time on our screens. In fact, the average American spends more than 10 hours in front of a screen every day. Before you enjoy the big screen, enjoy a movie word search with pencil and paper.

#3  You can learn a little about the movie beforehand.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about the movie you’re about to see, you can gain a little knowledge through a word search. Learn the names of the characters or highlight the setting through the word list. Then, after the movie, test your knowledge through a movie crossword.

#4  They will keep you and your family occupied before the movie starts.

Word searches will help keep you and your kids occupied before the previews. Plus, it’ll help establish the need for quiet and focus in a movie theater.

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy a movie word search when watching movies at home, too.

Popular Movie Word Search Puzzles

We’ve seen the previews; now it’s time for the main event! While you will find a wide variety of puzzles below, it’s only a taste of the options when it comes to movie word search puzzles. The best puzzles, of course, are the ones you make yourself. Scroll through to find your favorite category.

Movie Genre Word Searches

James Bond
Star Wars
Star Wars

Disney Movies 1
Disney Movies 2
Disney Movies 3
Cartoon Movies
Bee Movie

Academy Award-Winning Films

Best Comedies of All Time
Comedy Movies 2016

Christmas Movies
Snow Movies

Horror Movies
Scary Movies
Top 70 Horror Films

Famous Actor Word Searches

Movie Stars
Movie Celebrities
Classic Actors
Classic Actresses
Famous Actors
Tom Hanks Movies

Famous Directors Word Searches

Spielberg Movies
Hitchcock Films
Tim Burton Movies

Word Searches About Different Film Decades


Don’t see your favorites on this list? Again, you can make your own! Once you’ve made a movie word search, share it in the comments. Then, we’ll update our list for everyone to enjoy new puzzles. After you’ve solved and made your movie word search puzzles, head over to our crossword puzzle maker to make and solve movie crosswords. They’re a great way to test your movie trivia and to add to the fun.

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