How to Use My Crossword Maker to Make Your Family Name Crossword Art

family name crossword art

Crafting is a great family activity. It’s fun, low-cost, easy, and the end result is a finished product everyone can enjoy! Whether you craft as a family, or you shop for crafts as a family, My Crossword Maker will help you have a good time.

Crossword art or Scrabble art includes the whole family in a personalized craft. Lots of families have already added similar pieces to their home collection. But how do they decide the best way to make the names intersect? That’s where My Crossword Maker comes in.

Designing Your Family Name Crossword Art

First, we recommend you visit the stores and how-to guides of these bloggers and artists. They will give you a sense of what family name crossword art looks like. You can also buy tiles from them or learn how to make the tiles yourself.

Our Pinterest board below also shows more examples of family crossword art.

Then, visit My Crossword Maker’s crossword puzzle maker to lay out your design. You don’t need a subscription to test different layouts; you’ll only need a subscription to print your puzzle (which we recommend!).

You can design your crossword art in one of two ways. Either add the names you’d like to the left-hand sidebar and click “Arrange!” for an instant design, or type the names directly into the grid for a custom look.

Family Name Crossword Art                family name crossword art

What If I Want to Use Different Words?

The great thing about our crossword puzzle maker is that you can add any words you’d like to your design! As you may have noticed from the examples above, not all crossword art features family names. Some display words relevant to the room (“wash,” “brush,” or “bathe” for a bathroom, for example). Others choose words that relate to their family or home life (such as “love” or “family”).

Take whatever words you’d like – even mix and match your words with names – to make your personalized crossword art. Each family member could even have their own!

If Jessica likes flowers, cookies, and soccer, add those words to her crossword. This is a great time to use the manual function in the crossword puzzle maker. Since Jessica is the focus of the crossword art, add her name to the center. Then, either auto-arrange the other words around her, or add them manually as well.

family name crossword artfamily name crossword art

Once you’ve designed your personalized crossword art, send us a photo! We’d love to feature your unique crossword art that My Crossword Maker helped to make. And if you like word search art, don’t forget to visit our word search maker at My Word Search! We at My Crossword Maker and My Word Search love being a part of your cherished family memories.

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