Keep Kids Healthy With a Flu Symptoms Crossword

flu symptoms crossword

It’s hard to keep kids healthy, especially during flu season. Getting your kids vaccinated will go a long way, but when kids don’t know what to watch out for, parents feel as if they have to be extra vigilant. Teach your kids about colds and cases of flu through a flu symptoms crossword. Make your crossword now to keep your kids healthy, or get some ideas from the crosswords below.

Cold Signs and Flu Symptoms

The best way to avoid illness is to teach your kids how to stay healthy. Make a flu symptoms crossword with clues about what symptoms look like and how to prevent them. A resource like the CDC guidelines on flu prevention will help you choose words and make clues. You can also work off of this “Flu Season” crossword, which provides a great starting point.

This “Signs and Symptoms of the Flu” will also help teach kids about prevention. Notice how the clues focus on a variety of flu symptoms, including those we cannot see in others but can feel in ourselves.

You might also want to cater clues and answers to your kids. If they describe symptoms in a certain way, or if they take a specific medicine, use that. Perhaps you give them a grape-flavored cough syrup; the clue could say, “This purple liquid helps you feel better,” with the answer as “cough syrup,” or the name of the brand.

General Health

Of course, you’ll want to keep your kids healthy year-round, so teaching your kids about general health will be of service to you and to your kids in the long run. General health can mean a lot of things, from nutrition to cleanliness to exercise. A general health and wellness crossword puzzle like the one below will get you started.

You will also want to customize clues for what your kids need to be better at health-wise. These clues and answers might include:

  • Drinking more water.
  • Washing their hands.
  • Covering their mouth when coughing.
  • Not getting too close to other kids when sick.

Whatever you want your kids to know about good health, you can add it to the crossword.

You can also teach kids the basic science behind how diseases spread so they can learn to be vigilant. What does it mean if a soap is “antibacterial,” for example? Why do we have to take all of the antibiotics the doctor prescribed? Understanding how diseases like the flu work will help kids become more understanding and aware, too.

Add a little extra fun to these puzzles by pairing them with “stay healthy” kits. These can include other items like tasty vitamin gummies, cute packs of tissues, and toys like these that encourage healthy habits from kids. Doctors offices can also put several flu symptoms crossword puzzles in their waiting room as a fun and educational activity. Create your crossword today, or make a word search to introduce healthy words to younger kids.

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