Take Your Information Products to the Next Level With Crossword Puzzles

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Every blogger wants to make their audience awesome information products (eBooks, webinars, eCourses, newsletters, membership areas, you name it!). Sometimes it feels like it’s all been done before. How can you make your product stand out and drive more sales? Add a fun and informative crossword puzzle! People love crosswords – it’s so satisfying to find the right answers, the letters to fill each square. This means they’ll come back to your site and buy more products from you in the future!

Crossword Puzzles Boost Customer Engagement

Imagine your potential customer visiting your page and seeing a crossword. They were just about to leave after scanning your text, but the crossword makes them stop. “I bet I can solve this!” they think. And they can! The trick is, they need to read your post in full. It’s a win for everyone. Your customers learn something new and you’ve boosted customer engagement.

If you already have an information product in mind, jump down to the section on that product. Otherwise, feel free to brainstorm ideas with us!

Webinars and eCourses
Membership Areas

To make your first puzzle, think about your goals for your information product. Do you want to gain more followers and subscribers? Increase your income? Teach a new skill? A crossword puzzle can help you with any of these goals.

For example, say you wanted to make an information product for beginner yoga students. Your information product will teach customers about different poses and their benefits. You then make a crossword puzzle like the following:

You can use this crossword puzzle in one of two ways. Use it as a sort of quiz to help customers remember what they learned through your product. Research shows that crossword puzzles help customers to remember information on a subject.

Or, use it in a newsletter or as part of a lead magnet to get customers interested. If they want to know more about how to solve the crossword puzzle, they’ll need to buy your product! Plus, the crossword puzzle will ensure customers you’re offering the information they want.

Wherever you use it, it’ll keep customers on your website longer and thinking about your product longer.

How to Make an Engaging Crossword for Any Information Product

No matter what kind of information product you offer, a crossword puzzle will fit right in. Choose from common information products below to learn how to add a crossword puzzle.


Free or premium eBooks make great information products. They’re easy to create, share, and spread. They’re also the easiest information products to add a crossword puzzle into. All you need is a PDF of your personalized puzzle. Then, add it to your book. To download a PDF of your crossword puzzle, click the PDF icon in the left-hand sidebar of your published crossword.

information products

Webinars and eCourses

Some online course tools are formatted to make adding a word puzzle easy. Teachable, for example, allows you to add PDFs, links, and related materials. If your platform doesn’t allow for this kind of formatting, then your website will do the trick. Add a resources page for your webinar and either embed your puzzles or link to them.

Membership Areas

Membership areas are a great place to add a lot of crossword puzzles. Each puzzle can relate to a section of the membership area, or dedicate a page to crossword puzzles. Adding weekly or monthly puzzles will encourage subscribers to come back to the membership area on a regular basis, as well.


Newsletters can also feature a weekly puzzle. People will begin to look forward to the puzzle. This will lead to a higher engagement in your newsletter. In turn, it’ll then be easier to keep customers and subscribers informed about new products. And all you need to do is add a link to a crossword puzzle or embed it onto your website and add the link to that page.

We even created a crossword for our free newsletter here at Crossword Hobbyist. Can you solve it?

Are Word Puzzles Helpful for Any Information Product?

Yes! Crossword Hobbyist and My Word Search subscribers use word puzzles for all sorts of blogs and businesses. Crossword puzzles are popular among teachers, marketing companies, banks, real estate agents, and more. Word searches are popular with children’s authors and parenting blogs, for example.

Here are samples of crosswords bloggers might make for the following niches:
Nutrition and health
Beauty and Makeup
Personal Finance

To learn more about how to make crossword puzzles relating to your niche, check out the “Organizations” category on our blog.

The best part about adding word puzzles to your information product? Many bloggers can receive a free lifetime subscription to our crossword and word search makers (pending review of your blog). To apply, simply contact our support team with a link to your blog for us to review.

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