Learn About Holistic Living Through a Health Word Search

holistic living

Holistic living: for some, it truly is a lifestyle. For others, it presents a big question mark. What is it? What does it entail? Hawaii Natural Therapy defines “holistic living” is about keeping harmony in all areas of your life and approaching healing from the perspective of being whole.. This is often done through ancient and Eastern practices such as acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicines, amongst others.

Use My Word Search to make a word search about a holistic living practice you’re interested in for your family. If you need help finding related terms or want to see some examples, keep reading.

General Holistic Living Terms

Holistic living might be completely new to you. A general holistic living word search would be a good place to start then. See if this “Healing with Self-Care” gives you any initial ideas.

As you can see, “aromatherapy” is on this word search, which may prompt you to learn more about that topic. If you already partake in any of the activities listed, you can also narrow the theme for your word search from there.

Holistic living also focuses a great deal on good nutritional health and taking care of your body through what you put into it. Many health word searches focus on these elements. Sarah Nissen, for example, made this word search about food toxins to avoid.

You may not know what a lot of these ingredients are initially. This word search will help you remember these words. In turn, it’ll make it easy to research these ingredients and watch out for them on nutrition labels. You can take a similar approach with positive nutritional elements in food with a word search like the one below.

More Specific Forms of Holistic Living

Once you’re ready to narrow down your holistic living health word search, try focusing on a part of the body, a certain holistic product, or on a healthy practice. This “Healthy Skin” word search lists natural ingredients that will keep your skin glowing.

Essential oils are often used for a holistic living practice, too. What are essential oils? Dr. Sara O’Connell shares here. Most essential oil word searches list the types of essential oils. Natural shapes like flowers and trees add an extra element.

Many people who subscribe to holistic living also practice yoga. Remember the names of the poses through a word search. Make your puzzle into a sun to better remember the “sun salutation” poses, for example.

There are all kinds of health word searches on My Word Search specific enough to focus on holistic living, or general enough to introduce anyone to any kind of healthy living topic. Keep your whole family holistically healthy, and the journey to health starts with a word search or a crossword.

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