Fun Holiday Word Searches for Businesses and Organizations

holiday word searches

The holidays are coming up, which means it’s all fun and games––even at work! Adding holiday word searches to your celebration plans can be a fun way to spread holiday cheer and  boost morale.

What’s more, plenty of businesses have already created word searches for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you are eager to join in the fun, make a puzzle at My Word Search today. If you want to see what other organizations did first, check out the examples below.

Ways Organizations Share Holiday Word Searches

Businesses and organizations can introduce puzzles like word searches in a number of productive and entertaining ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Physical and Digital Newsletters

First, a holiday word search fits well into any sort of newsletter. You could add it to a printed newsletter, share it in an email for people to solve online, or even embed it onto your website. The word list can contain words that pertain to the rest of the newsletter along. Or, it could have more general holiday words.

Waiting Room Activities

Next, make your waiting room more festive. Make a holiday word search, then print several out for people to solve as a more engaging way to pass the time in your waiting room. This work particularly well for organizations and businesses that serve kids. However, you may be surprised how many adults solve them, too!

Celebrate an Event

After that, if you run a religious organization, holiday word searches can pertain to a holiday’s service or celebration. For example, the Daughters of AEAONMS did just that in their “Thanksgiving Service & Feast” word search below.


Create Custom Gifts

Holiday word searches also make great gifts. Many companies offer a Christmas gift to their employees. A word search can be added to that gift, or the gift could be a whole book of word searches! Adding employees’ names, successful projects, and other unique office elements to the word list will offer extra fun and boost morale.

Kinds of Word Searches Organizations Make for the Holidays

Businesses and organizations who have used My Word Search in the past demonstrate a lot of creativity and personality in their holiday word searches.

For Halloween, both Tidelands and Hendricks County Bank started with generic Halloween words. Then, they mixed them with words related to their businesses. These holiday word searches would be a great way to introduce new members or clients to the organization.

It also works for smaller organizations or for departments within companies. Here, a holiday word search can simply feature the names of employees. This works well for gifts or parties. One organization did just that with their Outreach Christmas Party word search from 2016.

Sierra Air did a combination of the above with their Halloween word search. As mentioned earlier, your company could also list words pertaining to projects employees completed, or projects completed by the company as a whole.

This clever Canadian tourism company, WestWorld Tours, used a word search to introduce their clients to the words of American Thanksgiving. They host bus tours throughout North America. This means their clients probably enjoyed this puzzle as they received a guided tour.


If you’d like more ideas for fun holiday word searches for businesses and organizations, you can always browse our word searches here, or visit our crossword puzzle maker if you’d like to go a different route. Once you have all of the ideas you need, come make a holiday word search for your organization or business today!

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