Looking for Hard Word Searches for Adults? Here Are 30+!

hard word searches for adults

Whether you want to solve word searches to occupy your time on a plane or as a relaxing Saturday-afternoon activity, there are plenty of word searches to keep you entertained. Here are 30+ hard word searches for adults made at My Word Search that’ll provide a fun challenge. These word searches suit adults in particular because of their size, lengthy word lists, themes, and more.

Large Word Searches

These adult word searches feature large grids with at least 40 letters in a given direction. The varying shapes of these large grids also provide an extra visual challenge.

1. See if your favorite activity is listed in this large “Hobbies” word search.
2. Only a few words are hiding in this large pumpkin.
3. These may be the “World’s Longest Rivers,” but their names are well hidden in this puzzle.
4. The large spiral for this “Yoga Word Search” changes what we expect visually in a word search.

5. “The Forest of the Rocky Mountain Front!” features both a large puzzle and a long word list.
6. This Brave New World Word Search” features a few difficult words and a large word search.

Word Searches with Long Word Lists

All of the word lists in these puzzles feature at least 40 words, and some reach 99 words. More words means more time searching. Many of the words are quite difficult to find as well.

7. This word search features a word list of over 90 different animals.
8. With a word list this long, the “Hard Word Puzzle” is true to its name.
9. The list of words is long and complicated, yet they all fit into this house.
10. Word searches like this one are a good opportunity to add 40 words to your vocabulary.
11. Can you find all 50 states in this large word search?
12. Listen to these “99 Composers” as you find their names in the word search.
13. Feeling competitive? Solve this “Competitive spirit” word search with a friend. See who can solve it first!
14. Whether you solve these word searches slowly or quickly, you can stay positive with these 40 “Positive Words.”

Themes for Adults

Word searches can be about anything at all, and the themes of these word searches will appeal to adults in particular.

15. You might enjoy solving a loving word search like this one with your spouse.
16. If you’re a history buff, enjoy a history word search like this extensive one about “Japanese History.”
17. Can’t wait for the next Game of Thrones book or episode? This “Game of Thrones” word search might hold you over.
18. Have some coffee as you solve this “Coffee” word search.

19. Practice “Mindfulness” each morning with this word search.
20. Spice up your life with this word search featuring common and not-so-common spices.
21. Adults enjoy a good tea party, too! Have a cup with your friends while solving this tea party word search.
22. A word search is a great way to enhance any vacation. Here’s one about the “Sights in Brussels.”

Foreign Language Word Searches

Whether you’re learning a foreign language or just want to try something new, a foreign language word search will take more time and concentration to solve than one in English. Some of these word searches require knowledge of a foreign language and others do not.

23. The multisyllabic German words in this word search give some variety to the standard word search.
24. Practice your French with this extensive French word list.
25. You’ll need to know a little Spanish for this puzzle. The word list is in English, but the puzzle is in Spanish.
26. Maybe your preferred Romance language is Italian. Test your knowledge with this Italian word search.
27. While common to English speakers, the words in this word search come from Asian languages.

Nonsense Word Searches

One of the best parts about making your own word search is the ability to have fun with your puzzles. The constructors of these puzzles decided to make some strange yet enjoyable word searches, often featuring nonsense words and surprising word lists.

28. This word search might be easier due to the repetitive letters. Or not.
29. This may or may not be “the biggest word search,” but it might have the strangest word list.
30. You’ll only need to find one word in this word search, but it’s buried in a sea of letters.
31. Or how about finding the same word multiple times?
32. It’s unclear what this word list means, but the emoticon title makes us think it must be happy!

Remember, this is just a sample of all of the hard word searches for adults available at My Word Search. Let us know which puzzle you liked the most in the comments. And if you can’t find anything difficult enough for you, go ahead and make your own!

Tips to make your own word search:

  • Use these hints for solving word searches and purposefully make a word search that will not allow for these techniques.
  • Take note of what you consider hard word searches for adults. Is it a bigger puzzle? More words? One word? Choose the most difficult aspects of hard word searches and make your own.
  • Try making and solving more foreign language word searches. Making a foreign language word search can help you to learn a language like Spanish or French.
  • Try making multiple word searches to figure out what works best. Start with a 30-day free trial to make unlimited hard word searches for adults.

Once you’ve made your own hard word searches for adults, share them with your friends and family to see if you can stump them. Feel free to share your puzzle in the comments below as well, and it may get featured in this post!

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