Need a Great Father’s Day Activity? Make Crossword Puzzles!

Great Father's Day Activity

Does Dad solve The New York Times’ crossword puzzle every day with a pen? Then he’d love a personalized crossword puzzle as a great Father’s Day activity! With Crossword Hobbyist’s crossword puzzle maker, it’s easy to make Dad a crossword puzzle. Here are some tips and tricks for making Dad’s crossword puzzle for a fun Father’s Day activity.

Making a Father’s Day Puzzle

To make a standard crossword puzzle, choose words for Dad and the crossword puzzle maker will do the rest. You can either choose words for Dad’s puzzle, or making the puzzle itself can be a great Father’s Day activity.

Make a Crossword for Dad

To make a crossword puzzle for Dad, think about the things he likes and the things you love about him.

What Dad Enjoys

To make a puzzle about the things your dad enjoys, start by writing down a list of his favorites and hobbies. Use a list like this, or think about his everyday activities. Does he regularly watch sports? What team does he root for? What books are on his bookshelf? How else does he spend his free time? These are all things to think about.

Once you have a list of Dad’s favorites and hobbies, begin searching for trivia about that topic. If his favorite movie is The Godfather, search for famous quotes or trivia about the movie. Then, turn them into clues and answers for your puzzle.

The more things you write down on your list of Dad’s favorites, the more puzzles you can make!

Fond Family Memories

Father’s Day is a day for Dad to celebrate the joy of being a father. That’s why personalized family crossword puzzles are extra special for Father’s Day.

To personalized a Father’s Day crossword puzzle, think back to past Father’s Days. Write down memories and activities you enjoyed with Dad. You can also add clues about the rest of his family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, or even close family friends.

A personalized Father’s Day crossword puzzle will be strange to others, but extra special to Dad. Here’s an example of “A Father’s Day Puzzler.”

Make a Crossword with Dad

You could also make any of these puzzles with Dad for an extra fun Father’s Day activity. Get to know him better by asking questions about his life and interests. Then, pick and choose which answers will go into the crossword puzzle. Dad will love the conversations and the memories that come from them.

Once you finish your puzzles, have siblings or Mom solve the crossword. You can also save the puzzle for next year to solve to see how much you remember. Either print it out and put it in a special place, or rest assured that it’ll always be available in your Crossword Hobbyist account. This will give you a new Father’s Day tradition!

Newspaper Puzzles

Does dad like to solve the crossword in the newspaper? Solve the newspaper-style puzzles at Crossword Hobbyist for a fun Father’s Day activity. Better yet, spend the day making one with Dad! He can give you all of the tips and tricks on a good crossword puzzle. Or, you can both learn more about making a great crossword puzzle here.

To make a newspaper-style crossword puzzle at Crossword Hobbyist, create a free account, visit the “My Puzzles” page, and select the “Create Newspaper Puzzle” option.

Giving Dad His Crossword Puzzles

There are many ways you can give your dad his crossword puzzle that will make for a great Father’s Day activity. It might be related to the theme of your puzzle, such as attending a ball game to go with his baseball-themed crossword puzzle. Or it could be more routine: slip your puzzle into Dad’s newspaper for him to find as a bonus puzzle for the day.

No matter how you choose to give Dad his Father’s Day crossword puzzle, he will always remember it as a thoughtful and great Father’s Day activity. Don’t wait! Make your puzzle today. You can make a single puzzle for just $6 or sign up for a free trial to make a whole book of crosswords! Either cancel your free trial after Father’s Day, or keep your membership to make crossword puzzles for other events.

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