Give Your Employees a Mission Statement Crossword to Solve

mission statement crossword

A clear mission statement is vital to the health of a company. This means every employee needs to understand and embody the mission statement of the company or organization they work for.

Why not help your staff get acquainted with your company mission in a unique way: a mission statement crossword?

Come on over to My Crossword Maker now if you’re ready to make your mission statement crossword. Remember though, it’s important to first understand how a mission statement works. Then, if you need ideas for making a puzzle with your mission statement, we’ll help you decide which employees you’ll make a puzzle for and how to choose clues for their puzzle.


What is a Mission Statement?

The University of Minnesota explains that a company’s mission “is the ultimate reason the company exists.” A mission statement provides a clear and concise sentence or two regarding the identity of the company.

Because of this, your employees need a mission statement to understand their role in achieving the goals of the company. The University of San Francisco explains this in the following passage regarding the effects of a mission statement:

“The mission statement should be an ideal that runs through all levels of the organization. With that in mind, it should influence the company on all levels, from developing and implementing strategies to conducting performance appraisals. It should be the force behind setting short and long-term goals, as well as making hiring decisions. It’s the fire that makes the engine work.”

With the purpose of a mission statement in mind, you’ll know when to give your employees a mission statement crossword puzzle and how to choose effective words and clues to give.

When to Solve the Puzzle

A mission statement crossword puzzle works great with new and long-term employees alike, and in every division. Your mission statement crossword may differ depending on who you give it to.

New Employees: Introducing the Mission Statement

For new employees, a mission statement crossword will introduce and reinforce their understanding of the company’s mission. After their orientation or guiding them through a handbook, give them a mission statement crossword. It will help you feel confident that all new employees understand the mission of your company or organization. Plus, the game aspect will help them to relax and enjoy their new job.

Here is a mission statement crossword made for the company Numotion, a wheelchair and mobility equipment company.

As you can see, the majority of questions can only be answered by someone who understands Numotion’s mission. For example, in 6 Across, the puzzle tests an employee’s understanding of Numotion’s client.

Existing Employees: Reinforcing the Mission Statement

On the other hand, long-term employees could always use a refresher on both the mission statement and the vision statement of the company. It’s a good way to ensure that all employees keep the core values of the company in mind while doing their work. Introduce a mission statement crossword during:

  • Company retreats
  • Meetings
  • When a mission statement is revised
  • And more

Whether they’re new employees or long-term ones, employees of all departments and levels should understand the mission statement. With that said, how it applies to particular departments or jobs may differ.

If you run a large company, have the head of each division write clues applicable to their department. Then mix these with clues that apply to the company as a whole.

Words and Clues for the Puzzle

If you’re working from a written statement or employee handbook, pull clues from there to give employees a resource to work from. A puzzle like Amgen’s seems vague on the outside, but should make sense to those within the organization.

A puzzle could also compare and contrast the mission statement from the values or the vision statement, just like Amgen’s puzzle.

Organizations and companies could also pull clues from the company website, then embed the puzzle right into that portion of the site.

We also enjoyed this mission and purpose statement crossword from one happy employee.



When your employees have a greater understanding of the organization’s mission statement, they’ll be able to strategize more effectively, which will allow them to achieve greater goals. Make a mission statement crossword puzzle today and see how your employees go the extra mile to embody it.

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