Fun and Informative Veterans Day Crossword Puzzles

Veterans Day crossword puzzle

On Veteran’s Day, Americans honor the brave men and women who serve our country. For veterans and their family members, it’s a very important holiday. However, not everyone knows the history behind it. Veterans Day crossword puzzles can help. Make a Veteran’s Day crossword puzzle now to celebrate, or solve some of the puzzles below.

Teach The History of Veterans Day––In Crossword Form

Veterans Day dates all the way back to November 11th, 1919. It was originally called “Armistice Day” and celebrated after the first anniversary of World War One. The name did not change to “Veterans Day” until 1954.

These are just a few facts that you might add to your Veterans Day crossword puzzles. These frequently asked questions work well, too. Even adults might not know the full history of Veterans Day, but anyone can learn with a crossword puzzle like the one below.

This crossword gives detailed facts about the history of Veterans Day along with information on modern veterans and how civilians should treat them. This is a great way to build awareness of a veteran’s experience.

Presidential Trivia Crossword

This next puzzle pairs facts about Veterans Day with presidential trivia. Blending serious information with interesting and quirky trivia gives solvers more to enjoy and think about.

Introducing Kids to Veterans Day through Crosswords

Parents may have some difficulty explaining Veterans Day to young children. It involves big concepts and serious discussions. There are age-appropriate ways to begin introducing younger kids to Veterans Day that will prepare them for the bigger questions later on.

Start off with something simple, like why troops wear a uniform, or what our nation’s flag means. Puzzles like these will facilitate conversations with your kids about the more nuanced aspects of Veterans Day.

The puzzle below builds relevant Veterans Day vocabulary through synonyms, teaches the history of American flag, and introduces basic military concepts through easy-to-understand clues.

Remembering Those Who Served

Not everyone who serves makes it home, and Veterans Day honors those who gave their lives for other American citizens. It also makes it a great day to visit a memorial for these men and women––and bring an interactive activity. Before going to a memorial, you can make a crossword like this one about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Some of the answers refer to the Vietnam War in general, while others require a visit to the memorial to solve. Veterans Day is a great day to visit a local memorial with friends or family, then make a crossword to reinforce the information and extend the commemoration.

Veterans Day differs from other holidays in that it is both somber and celebratory. It can also be informative with Veterans Day crossword puzzles. We celebrate our troops for a reason, and a Veterans Day crossword puzzle is a great way to understand what they have given and what we might do to celebrate them. Make your crossword now, and enjoy some Veterans Day word searches, too.

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