Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids: Crossword Puzzles

Fun earth day activities for kids

Our Earth needs us now more than ever. It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of taking care of animals and their habitats. Fun Earth Day activities for kids, like crossword puzzles, are a great way to teach kids how to care for the planet.

Types of Earth Day Crossword Puzzles

Make Earth Day crossword puzzles for kids of all ages, and to go with different Earth Day activities.

For very young kids, keep Earth Day crossword puzzles simple. Stick to basic scientific facts about the Earth or the holiday. For example, “What month do we celebrate Earth Day?” Answer: APRIL

Older kids can make and solve crossword puzzles with more educational clues. We’ll divide these educational Earth Day crossword puzzles into three types:

  • Historical and Fact-Based
  • Present Day Celebrations
  • Going Green for the Future

History and Facts

Clues for Earth Day crosswords might focus on the history of the holiday. When did it begin? Who founded the holiday? Ask questions like this and more in your crossword to learn more about the holiday.

Facts about Mother Nature also make good clues. Kids can learn how plants grow and why we need to keep the Earth in good conditions to allow them to grow. They can also learn how important plants are to us and our daily lives. Earth Day is a great holiday to solve other types of science crossword puzzles, as well.

Present Day Celebrations

Your Earth Day crossword can list ways people celebrate Earth Day. These clues might include questions about:

  • Planting trees
  • Cleaning up trash
  • Recycling
  • Composting

Here’s an example of a crossword puzzle that focuses on recycling efforts and the progress we’ve made in the past 40 years.

The Future of Going Green

Earth Day crossword puzzles are not limited to what we can do today. They can also focus on how our efforts now will have a bit impact in the long run.

Sustainability Efforts
Crosswords about sustainability will help children understand their role in preservation efforts. These crosswords can teach about different conservancy organizations, for example. Clues and answers can talk about what the organizations do and the impact their efforts have.

Legal Action
It’s never too early to teach kids about the impact our laws can have on protecting the environment. List clues about past environmental legislation (locally, nationally, or internationally). Then research current pending legislation that can make a difference for the planet. If you have thoughts about a law, write a letter to your representative and include a crossword with it!

Predictions for the Future
Clues in Earth Day crosswords might also talk about the future of the planet. Positive predictions are better for younger kids. Frame questions of how we can affect change. “If we do X, then it’ll create positive change as Y,” for example. Older kids, however, can learn about the threats of global warming through a crossword like the one below.

Celebrating Earth Day With a Crossword

After kids learn about all the ways they can protect the Earth, they’ll want to go out there and get their hands dirty! Pair your crossword with other fun Earth Day activities for kids, like planting trees or cleaning up trash. Go on a hike to appreciate the beauty the Earth has to offer. Create clues about specific sounds in nature, like bird calls, that go with a recorded exercise.

Don’t forget to keep your Earth Day crossword puzzles green, though! The easiest way to keep your puzzles green is to solve them online to save paper. If you do print your puzzles, you can still keep them green. Take these steps to keep your printed Earth Day crosswords Earth-friendly:

  • Print on eco-friendly paper.
  • Use less ink by choosing a lower resolution.
  • Recycle your puzzle after solving.
  • Solve with an eco-friendly writing tool like a pencil rather than a plastic pen.

These steps will show kids that the activities they enjoy can also be sustainable for the Earth. Don’t forget to make Earth Day word searches as well. You can keep them as eco-friendly as your crosswords!

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