French Word Searches? Mais, Oui!

French word searches

French teachers know that one of the first steps to mastering a new language is mastering vocabulary. Teachers are always eager to find good learning tools that go beyond rote memorization, and French word searches will engage students on another level.

If you already have a word list and are ready to make your own puzzle, head on over to our word search maker at My Word Search. When you start creating a new puzzle, simply scroll to the last option under “Customize” to switch from English to French. For those who want to know more about creating a French word search before trying it out, see how a French word search can help students, and then some examples below.

How a French Word Search Can Help Students

Word searches offer a number of benefits to language learners. First and foremost, word searches build vocabulary. They also help students to:

  • Understand agreement of articles
  • Memorize the gender of nouns or adjectives
  • Learn verb conjugations
  • Study similar words together
  • And more!

Solving French word searches or other word puzzles as a group activity in the classroom can also encourage teamwork, develop conversational skills, and reinforce previously introduced concepts.

Turning Vocabulary Into French Word Searches

Given how crucial it is for French students to develop a sound vocabulary first, most teachers make French word searches to reinforce this vocabulary. Pair your word search with a chapter out of your textbook and add it to other French worksheets you’ve made. You might do the same with crossword puzzles as well. This teacher clearly made a word search to fit an assignment in the lesson plan.

Basic Vocabulary

Beginner and intermediate courses will focus primarily on basic vocabulary. This will result in French word searches that focus on greetings, days of the week, and other general vocabulary words.

Once your students become more familiar with the words, have students list the English word next to the French in the word list, or you can do as one teacher did with her French colors word search.

This is one of our favorite ways to use a French word search. Here, the teacher wrote the word list in English and then the puzzle in French. Other teachers might reverse the two to have a French word list and an English puzzle. This particular word search also helps students because of the clear instructions. Notice how grammar begins to play a role as well with gender agreement. Adding grammatical elements begins to lead into intermediate vocabulary.

Intermediate Vocabulary – Finding Themes

Textbooks often put vocabulary words together around a common theme to help facilitate conversation based on that one topic. French foods are a great example. Books will not only cover the vocabulary for food itself, but also words about eating, ordering, and the grammar associated with these words.

This particular French foods puzzle would go great with a French party in a beginner class, or maybe even with a field trip to a French restaurant! A more advanced word search might give clues rather than direct words, such as “un pain français” for “baguette.” Selecting foods unique to particular regions will teach cultural elements of French along with French vocabulary as well.

French Culture Word Searches

France is a unique and vibrant country with a rich history and varied cultures. Parisians have a completely different lifestyle than those who live in Nice or the outskirts of Bordeaux. Furthermore, the people of many other countries speak French besides those who live in France. This French word search lists African countries with French speakers.

Just like America, France has its own history of prosperity and conflict. This “French Revolution Word Search” will help you cover history as well as French for interdisciplinary study. If you make cultural word searches, don’t forget that both of these word searches could list the entire puzzle in French, or you could split them up into French and English.

Word searches present a different perspective on language, be it French, Spanish, or even English. With My Word Search, you can make a word search that will fit all of your needs. Make your word search today!

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