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Those who make online word searches at My Word Search – teachers, parents, business owners, hobbyists, and others – create fun, educational games for the public to enjoy. Each month, different word searches become favorites of visitors to My Word Search. While anyone can easily see top-rated word searches through individual browse pages, these online word searches are united in other ways besides the topic.

This month, we found a clear preference for topical word searches, as there was a lot to celebrate this February: Black History Month, Presidents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, and the Winter Olympics. Take a look at the most viewed word searches at My Word Search this month, then solve them for free online. Don’t see any you like? Make your own!

A Long Walk to Water

The extensive word list on this word search suggests a Black History Month theme. Made by Mr. Sarmiento, this free online word search has gone on to educate more people than just the students of Teaching & Learning 307.

Quality Wordsearch

This “Quality Wordsearch” is true to its name in a number of ways. Not only is it a well-constructed online word search, it lists key terms in the quality assurance profession. This particular word search was used to help the team at ASOS.

African American Inventions

Because February is Black History Month, all of the Black History Month word searches surged in popularity. This one about African American inventions and inventors led the pack. For an added activity, match the inventor to the invention in this puzzle.

Winter Olympic Greats

February 2018 came with the Winter Olympics, making this “Winter Olympic Greats” one of the most popular word searches at My Word Search this month. Can you identify each of their events as well?

Groundhog Day Word Search

The title suggests this word search only focuses on the February 2nd holiday, but the word list features a number of activities everyone can look forward to in February and March, whether there’s six more weeks of winter or not.

Natural Disasters

Visiting the Ring of Fire or another region with significant seismic activity? This word search will warn you of what to expect should an event occur.

George Washington

My Word Search visitors celebrated President’s Day this month with this “George Washington” word search. Appropriately shaped as the number 1, this word search lists a few key words about his life and legacy.

Algebra 1

Educational word searches are among the most popular at My Word Search, and this “Algebra 1” word search provides an example of an excellent educational word search. Each of the words in the word list are vital to an algebra student, which makes it popular among other algebra teachers as well.

Mitosis and Meiosis

Returning once more to an educational word search, this word search highlights the stages of mitosis and meiosis, and the different parts involved.

These word searches are just a portion of the many wonderful online word searches available at My Word Search to solve for free. Visit our “Browse” page to find a category you like. Then, after you enjoy some word searches, make sure to rate them in the left-hand sidebar to let others know how much you enjoyed them.

While topical word searches are popular, remember: you don’t need wait for the holidays! It’s easy and fun to make a word search for any event you have coming up. Need some ideas? Our blog will get you started.

Don’t see a “Browse” section you’d like? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it!

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