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Those who make online crossword puzzles at Crossword Hobbyist – teachers, parents, business owners, hobbyists, professionals, and others – create fun, educational games for the public to enjoy. Each month, different crossword puzzles become favorites of Crossword Hobbyist visitors. While anyone can easily see top-rated crossword puzzles through individual browse pages, these are ten of the most popular crossword puzzles this month.

This month, scientific and historical crossword puzzles were the favorites. Test your knowledge of each of these subjects by solving the free online crosswords below, or find one more to your liking at our “Browse” page. Or better yet, make your own.


Europeans Come to New York

“Europeans Come to New York” in this crossword puzzle. All of the clues and answers pertain to those who came to America from Europe as settlers.

Latin America

Although this online crossword puzzle about Latin America is sparse, it’s fairly popular among Crossword Hobbyist visitors. An online crossword puzzle such as this one could be used for educational purposes or to promote tourism in a region.

Career Clusters

This “Career Clusters” crossword puzzle was likely used for a school’s career day. Online crossword puzzles like this one can let students everywhere learn a little more about their career options in the future.

Capital Scramble

Among the most popular online crossword puzzles at Crossword Hobbyist this month was a newspaper-style crossword. The 21×21 grid makes it equivalent to a New York Times’ Sunday crossword puzzle. Solve it with a tablet on a relaxing Sunday, or time yourself solving it for a competitive edge.

Automation and Robotics Puzzle

Have thoughts and opinions about the rise of AI and robots? Make sure you know your facts for a detailed discussion. This online crossword puzzle, “Automation and Robotics Puzzle,” will help.

The Bill of Rights

The Founding Fathers made numerous wise and lasting decisions when creating the laws for the United States of America. The Bill of Rights lists the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the rights the Founding Fathers felt the government should not infringe upon. This extensive crossword will test your knowledge of these important rights.


Mrs. Salata’s online crossword puzzle about Transcendentalism requires deep thought and literary knowledge to solve. Solving this online crossword puzzle may feel like a transcendent experience itself!

Mitosis Review

As stated in the infographic below, science crossword puzzles are among the most popular with teachers, and this “Mitosis Review” highlights a popular kind of online crossword puzzle. This teacher instructed students to solve the crossword online and submit their completed work through an online portal, a common yet clever way to go paperless in the classroom.

Electricity Crossword

When it comes to online crossword puzzles, sometimes simple is best. This “Electricity Crossword” provides a simple review for key terms pertaining to electricity.

While history and science crossword puzzles came out on top as some of the most popular crossword puzzles this month, check out our infographic to see how teachers make educational crossword puzzles at Crossword Hobbyist on a regular basis.

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These crossword puzzles are just a portion of the many wonderful online crossword puzzles available at Crossword Hobbyist to solve for free. Visit our “Browse” page to find a category you like. Then, after you enjoy some crosswords, make sure to rate them in the left-hand sidebar to let others know how much you enjoyed it.

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