Football Crosswords for Super Bowl Sunday

football crosswords

Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday for football fans, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a good party. Want to make it even more fun? Add unique football crosswords to your party, whether it’s a party of three or thirty.

Types of Crosswords for Your Super Bowl Sunday Party

Super Bowl Sunday parties vary, and so do crossword puzzles. Most puzzles will cater to die-hard fans of a particular team. For the fans, a team-specific puzzle might include simple clues such as, “What colors do we wear?” or difficult clues such as, “What did our coach major in during college?” Maybe some of your clues even knock the other team a bit! This kind of crossword offers a fun activity without distracting people from the main event.

Larger Super Bowl Sunday parties can feature crossword puzzles as a trivia game with a prize for the winner. This kind of puzzle will often contain particularly difficult clues (after all, you won’t want to make it too easy to win!). You can either use the puzzle as an entry to a drawing, or the prize can go to whoever solves the puzzle first. Football crosswords like the ones below offer a good starting point.

Oftentimes there are at least a few people at a Super Bowl party that don’t know much about the game. For these guests, a crossword can cover the basics. This “Football for Dummies” still isn’t easy, but anyone can enjoy it.

When you’re making your very own crossword, you can make it extra fun by dedicating clues or entire puzzles to specific people attending your party and their interest in football. Who did Dan pick for his fantasy football team this year? What game made Mary a fan of the Patriots? These kinds of clues make great conversation pieces and are so much fun to answer.

Larger Super Bowl Sunday parties might also call for multiple crossword puzzles. With My Crossword Maker, you can make as many as you’d like!

Making Your Football Crosswords for Super Bowl Sunday

Deciding who you’re making your football crossword for makes the construction a lot easier, but everything you know about the sport will help you out as well. Start construction by using the knowledge you have as a football fan for your initial clues and answers. Then, add a few fun clues about your party and your guests. Before you know it, you will have completed your first football crossword with this information alone!

You can also pull up stats about the teams playing and put those into the crosswords. Or make a crossword about a particularly memorable game over the past season or from past Super Bowls to commemorate it and reminisce. And speaking of past Super Bowls, some guests might come for the commercials; maybe throw in a few clues about those for a bit of variety.

Whatever clues you choose, you’ll find that making your crossword goes by quickly. You might even find that your puzzle became quite large with all of your knowledge about the sport. Think about whether you’d like to keep it on the larger side for intense solving, or if you’d like to make several smaller puzzles.

And don’t forget to make your football crosswords before the big event! That way you can enjoy the game and enjoy your puzzles. Once they’re made, share your football crosswords in the comments to see if anyone is as big of a fan as you are! We’ll share our favorites on social media.

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