Make a Family Crossword Puzzle for Your Family Gathering

Family crossword puzzle

Whether your family gathering occurs once a week or once a year, a family crossword puzzle will bring you closer together and make every member feel loved and appreciated. Crosswords are fun, they’re personal, and they’re easy to make. Make a family crossword now, or gather ideas below for how to make a puzzle that includes every family member and every occasion.

Fun for the Family Clues and Answers

A family crossword puzzle, whether you’re making it or solving it, is a great way to catch up. Start forming your clues and answers by considering what’s going on in everyone’s life. Who has a new job? Will the new baby be a boy or a girl? Add these as clues. Also think about insider family information. Some people might have special family nicknames. Perhaps Grandma trusted family members with the secret ingredient to her famous cookie recipe. This crossword for the Williamson Family Reunion mixes these kinds of clues beautifully.

If you’re having a big family gathering, make a clue for everyone in attendance. It’ll be lots of fun when a member discovers their special spot in the crossword. For family members that couldn’t make it, add clues for them as well. “We’re sending lots of love to this family member in Wisconsin,” for example. The “Family Roll-call” crossword below features specific and personal clues and answers.

Have a fun family activity in common? Make a family crossword puzzle based on that! This crossword puzzle gives several clues about who collects what, for example.

Creating Your Family Crossword Puzzle

Now that you’ve seen some sample puzzles, you probably have a good idea of how to make your family crossword puzzle. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of information to start with – it’s a great reason to call up your loved ones and catch up. You might also make the puzzle with your immediate family, then send to your extended family. This is fun for long-distance families who don’t get to see each other a lot.

Once you have a tradition going, have family members take turns making the puzzle for the next gathering. Everyone will get to flex their creative muscles. Plus, you might learn things about your family you didn’t know until another family member put it into a crossword puzzle.

To help everyone get started on how to use our crossword puzzle maker so one member of the family doesn’t need to walk everyone through it, watch the video below.

A family crossword puzzle could become a tradition for your family gatherings. Your family will look forward to catching up, having their lives featured, and solving new puzzles again and again. You may even want to expand to word searches with everyone’s name in the puzzle so the younger kids can participate as well. Both your crossword puzzles and your word searches will grow as your family grows.

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