Elementary Graduation Gifts: Give Homemade Word Searches!

elementary graduation gifts

Graduating from elementary school will feel like a big occasion for your child, and to you as well. You’ll want to celebrate with elementary graduation gifts highlighting everything they’ve accomplished. There’s no better way to do this than by making your child a homemade word search. Your gift will be easy to make, affordable, and memorable.

Celebrating With a Word Search

Graduations focus on all the great things a student achieved during their time in school. A graduation word search will do that as well. To make your word search the best of the best in elementary graduation gifts, list everything that makes your child special. Then, list what they achieved in elementary school. Achievements might include:

  • Books they read
  • Friends they made
  • Awards they won
  • Their best assignments and tests

You can create this list of words for your child in two ways. First, make the list ahead of time by pulling the information from old memory boxes or photos saved online. Or, make a word search with your child so they can remember all the great things they did in elementary school.

This kind of word search might also feature more general words about your child’s success. Words like “proud,” “smart,” and “hardworking” will highlight both all they’ve achieved and how proud you are of them. Here’s an example of what a great elementary graduation word search might look like:

Looking to the Future

Graduates look back at everything they’ve achieved, but they also look ahead to what they will do in the future. Make your child a graduation word search to get them excited about what they will do in middle school. List new subjects they’ll learn, or tell them more about the school they will attend. Use words like the name of the school and the teachers there.

Your word search gift could also go even further into the future. What does your child want to be when they grow up? Make a word search about their dream job! You can also show them how all of the things they learned in elementary school will help them with their dream job. For example, if they want to be an astronaut, emphasize how much math and science will help them.

Giving Your Elementary Graduation Gifts

Elementary graduation gifts are only part of the celebration. To make your word search even more special, combine it with another activity to make a wonderful memory. Take your child out to dinner and solve the word search with their favorite crayons or colored pencils.

You could also make the word search part of a complete gift set. Pair it with unique pencils and erasers, and a pencil case to put them in. Similarly, make a whole set of word searches and turn them into a small word search book. Or, turn your word search gift into your child’s own Word Search Bingo game!

However you present your word search gift, you’ll want to save your word search, either as a paper copy or through your account at My Word Search. That way, once your child reaches their next graduation (and the next… and the next), you can solve the original word search again (and again… and again!). After all, word searches aren’t limited to elementary school graduations. Make them for advanced kindergarten grads, or make difficult word searches for middle school and high school grads, too.

And why limit your elementary graduation gifts to word searches? Personalized crossword puzzles also make a great choice! Give your child these great elementary graduation gifts today to celebrate their great success.

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