Crossword Puzzles for Your Office Christmas Party

office christmas party

Office Christmas parties are a blast! We know there are a number of ways to include a holiday word search with your organization’s festivities, but what about a crossword puzzle? A Christmas crossword puzzle will fit well into any office Christmas party. Come over and make a crossword puzzle now, or find the best puzzle idea for you below.

Before the Office Christmas Party

There are a number of ways to use a Christmas crossword before a Christmas party. First, add a puzzle to the evite or somewhere on the company website to get employees excited. Share clues about the activities and food, company successes over the past year, and more.

You might also ask each employee to give a clue and an answer so everyone feels engaged in the festivities. For example, “I keep this item on my desk,” works as a clue for an employee with memorable and identifiable item. The well-prepared employee might suggest, “I’ll be wearing this ugly Christmas sweater to the party.” Some answers may be hard to solve beforehand, but it’ll be great fun when employees figure out the answers the day of!

If you’re an employee and your office hosts a Secret Santa event, include a crossword puzzle with your gift, or make a bunch of puzzles as the gift. With affordable plans it’s easy to stay within the price limit set for most Secret Santa events while still giving a personal and meaningful gift. If you’re an employee who plans on giving out gifts to everyone like these, include a crossword in there as well.


At the Office Christmas Party

Companies often give out gifts to employees as a nice “thank you” for their hard work that year. Include a crossword with the company gift. It’ll boost morale and can develop teamwork. How well do employees know each other? Find out with puzzles like these:

Office Christmas party crosswords can also reminisce on past Christmas parties. A crossword like the one below will get conversations going and build rapport amongst your employees.

If the Christmas party has some sort of theme like one of these, make a themed crossword puzzle. Similarly, make it part of a contest. Whoever solves the crossword first wins a prize, or use completed crosswords as the entry to a random drawing. For example, test the guests’ knowledge of Christmas songs through a crossword like this one.

This kind of puzzle would also pair well with karaoke if it’s available at the Christmas party!

A great office knows how to balance work and play. An office Christmas party is a great time to balance the scales, and a crossword puzzle allows organizations to extend the fun well before or after the party. Make your office Christmas party crossword or word search in time for the season.

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