Learn the Constellation Names with Constellation Word Searches

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Many families love stargazing late into the short summer nights. A fun outdoor activity, it’s like finding pictures in clouds during the day. There is a major difference between the two activities, though. Stars come with pre-designed constellations the whole family can identify together. With word searches, it’s easy to learn the constellation names. At My Word Search, your family can enjoy pre-made constellation word searches, or you can make your own.

Types of Constellation Word Searches

While there are a limited amount of constellations in the sky – 88 to be exact – there are an endless amount of constellation word searches. Some word searches might focus on one constellation. Others may focus on the seasons, stars, and more.

A Single Constellation

Your first constellation word search might start out small. To make a constellation word search for a single constellation, choose your favorite. A list like this one from the University of Wisconsin-Madison will give you lots of details about any constellation. These details include the named stars in the constellation, its position in the sky, and the best month to see it. Use all this information to make a detailed word search about the constellation. Your word search might look something like this:

Seasonal Constellations

Seasonal constellation word searches will list all the constellation names seen in a given season. A guide like this one will help you out. Or, simply list all the constellations you see on a given night. You can stargaze again and again, and make a new word search every time. Label each word search you make with the date you went stargazing. In this way, your word searches will act as a stargazing journal!

Other Constellation Word Searches

Some constellation word searches will focus on other aspects of constellations. Zodiac word searches will help you remember the twelve constellations in the zodiac. Other word searches might include related celestial bodies you’ll see in the night sky.

You might have noticed by now that each of these word searches have a unique design. Stars are quite popular (for clear reasons), and moons make a great choice, too. You might also draw each of the constellations besides its names on a print copy. Or, pair your word search with other constellation activities.

Word Searches with Other Constellation Activities

These other constellation activities will pair well with your constellation word searches. Constellation crossword puzzles make a great addition. By creating your own, you can add any facts you want about constellations and their stars.

For the daytime, kids can make their own constellation art with rocks and chalk. You can create your own constellations, too. Then, take photos of your creations to put in a book. Your word searches can go into the book, too!

If it’s a rainy day, constellation projectors allow for indoor stargazing. Learn how to make your own with Playground Parkbench. For added fun, pair this activity with Word Search Bingo. Instead of calling out the names, shine the constellation on the wall for players to identify and find in their word search.

For every constellation, there’s a constellation word search to go with it. Make yours today for some memorable stargazing.

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