Give Your Classroom a Makeover With These Classroom Decoration Tips

classroom decoration tips

When students are uncomfortable, they fidget in their chairs, they stand up or lay down when they shouldn’t, and they generally disrupt the class. When students are comfortable, however, everyone learns better. Plus, you can teach more effectively. That’s why good classroom decoration makes a difference, and it’s not hard to do. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Use these tips to make a welcoming classroom for your students and yourself.

Classroom Decoration Tips for Your Classroom

You might not be a super savvy designer, but that’s okay. You’re a great teacher instead! These classroom decoration tips are easy to put in place and have been done by other teachers like yourself.


This is a creative and low-cost way to make your classroom homier. Hide unflattering edges like file cabinets, desk corners, and the edge of the chalkboard with decorative items. These can include table skirts – made out of ribbon or fabric – or washi tape.

You can also simply use paint or wallpaper to upcycle old or drab objects. Cover desks with construction paper or puzzles like word searches to encourage fun and creativity. Paint bookshelves to add a pop of color, too.

Use Color Theory

Artists and designers use color theory all the time to create stunning images. You can use it in its most basic form to dress up your classroom.

Color theory is the idea that colors compliment each other in different ways. In other words, it’s a guiding principle for how to work with colors. You can learn more about color theory for your classroom, or you can use pre-made color palettes.

You might also want to consider how colors can affect mood or perception. Marketers use color branding all the time to promote products and companies. You can use similar principals in your classroom.

Think Beyond the Desk

So often when teachers want to decorate their classroom, they feel confined to the traditional desk structure. It’s time to think beyond that. Get creative about desk placement, or go above and beyond by swapping out desks with tables. Additionally, offer creative seating options like couches, reading nooks, or bean bag chairs.

Decorate With a Theme

A themed classroom can spark creativity and set the tone for the school year. Select a theme for your classroom that will encourage your students to learn and grow. If you teach English, for example, you might set up your classroom with decorations from famous books. A history teacher might make their classroom look historical in some way. Or, the theme might focus on the atmosphere, like a bright sunny day or a field of flowers.

Add Some Inspiration and Fun

It’s hard to stay focused when you’re bored or uninspired. Make sure this never happens to your students by keeping motivational quotes and activities nearby at all times.

Decorate your classroom walls with famous quotes. Then, have educational games like crosswords and word searches readily available. You could even make a large version of these games to hang on the wall! That way, whenever a student feels bored or frustrated, they can redirect that energy to a game or an inspired thought.

As you can see, there’s an endless amount of inspiration out there. Pass on that inspiration to your students with these classroom decoration tips. Once you’ve finished, share your beautiful classroom with us and how it helped your students.

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