Include a Christmas Word Search With a Letter to Santa

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Every year kids will write a letter to Santa in hopes of receiving the perfect Christmas present. If your child is sending one, too, help them make their letter stand out with a Christmas word search. They’re easy to make at My Word Search, and Santa will love the creative and fun activity during his favorite holiday.

Feel free to read these suggestions with or aloud to your child. We’ll be giving these ideas to them since we know they’re the ones writing the letter!

Make Your Christmas Word Search

Before you can send Santa a Christmas word search, you have to make it! There are plenty of Christmas shapes you can use. The tree is an obvious choice, or select the snowman if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas. You can also choose a star to symbolize the one the wise men followed for a more religious puzzle.

Then whenever you’re ready, add words to your Christmas word search. Add any and every word you think Santa would like to find. Or you may want to choose a theme for your word search. A theme will support your letter to Santa.

Many kids tell Santa what they want for Christmas in their letters. You can share what you want with your Christmas word search, too. Add a word list of all of the things you want for Christmas, like in this “Toys” puzzle.

You won’t want to make this word search too big or long, though – Santa has a lot of work to do and toys to give. Plus, Christmas is about giving as much as it is about receiving, so he might enjoy a word search about the gifts you want to give others even more.

This will also help you if you want to prove to Santa that you should be on his “nice” list. You can also share a list of other ways you’ve been nice this year or activities you’ve done to support your place on the nice list. List adjectives that describe someone who should be on the nice list such as:

Similarly, you can make a word search with the names of all of the people you know who should be on Santa’s nice list. This “Santa’s Nice List” provides a good example.

This list will most likely feature your family and friends, and Santa will love to hear about togetherness and joy during the holidays.

Other Christmas Word Searches for Santa

If you want to make a Christmas word search for Santa unrelated to your letter, focus on him instead. We know Santa loves delicious Christmas meals and treats. Share what you’re having or what he might enjoy having with a Christmas menu word search like this:

What do you think Santa’s favorite Christmas songs are? Get them stuck in his head by using some lyrics or titles in a word search.

And what else does Santa like? Whatever you think it is, make it into a word search! Words might include Mrs. Claus, the names of his reindeer, his elves, his shop, and his sleigh. You might also imagine his favorite Christmas books or movies and add those to your word search.

Send Your Letter to Santa

Once you’ve finished your Christmas word search, then you can send your letter to Santa. Need help writing your letter? Try this letter writing kit from Larissa Another Day. Then when you’re ready to add your word search to the envelope, print it out using the print icon on My Word Search (your parents can help you with this step!).

Then send your letter to Santa through the U.S. Postal Service. He may send a solved word search back, or he may want to display it in his workshop! If you mention in your letter that he can copy the puzzle, Mrs. Claus and all of the elves can enjoy your Christmas word search, too.

Santa will love the unique Christmas word search with your letter, and making a word search with your family will get you into the holiday spirit. If you think Santa would prefer a Christmas crossword, you can make one of those, too. Be sure to send your letter sooner rather than later, though – this time of year gets very busy for him, so give him time to enjoy your puzzle!

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