Cells Word Searches for Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets

cells word searches

For plants and animals alike, life begins with the cell. Cells word searches can help students to learn complex terms while having some fun. They can also help students to understand the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells. Make puzzles now to add to your plant and animal cell worksheets, or get more ideas here.

Plant and Animal Cells Word Searches

Plant and animal cells word searches come in a number of varieties and with several potential accompanying activities. Many teachers are inclined to create two cells word searches, one specific to plant cells and one to animal cells. Two word searches allows students to compare and contrast the two word lists for similarities and differences.

You can then combine the two into one big word search.

To help students understand which words pertain to plants, have them circle those words in green. Then have them do the same with words pertaining to animals in red. Finally, use blue to circle words pertaining to both plants and animals. By making one word search, you can also challenge students by adding one or two words specific to animal cells into a plant word search, or vice versa. Then give them the instruction to point out which word or words do not belong.

To combine your cells word searches with the rest of your plant and animal cell worksheets, have students write in the definition of the words in the word list on a blank page. Students can also use the words from cells word searches to label a diagram of a cell.

Notice, too, how the creators of these puzzles tend to choose fun designs related to life. With our word search maker, you can turn your puzzles into trees, apples, flowers, and more for a little extra fun and creativity.

Cells Word Searches for All Living Things

Whether cells appear in plants or animals, mammals or birds, flowers or butterflies, certain parts and actions appear in all kinds of cells. A “Cell parts and Processes” word search like this one can cover these kinds of terms.

If you plan to demonstrate how cells lead to larger life forms, perhaps make word searches with words that describe the various steps from cells to living creature. You could even list the words in order of each phase to help students remember the progression. Or, leave the word list in alphabetical order and have students write in the order of events themselves. This “Mitosis & Cell Division” word search provides an example.

Once you’ve made your word searches for your plant and animal cell worksheets, you can make similar crossword puzzles to add as well. Word puzzles are a great way to engage students on another level; you may find over time that students start asking for more plant and animal cell worksheets when they come with fun and educational games.

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