Add a Bridal Shower Word Search to Your Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower word search

It’s fun to celebrate an upcoming wedding with a bridal shower. Games make the event extra fun, including word searches. With the word search maker at My Word Search, there’s plenty of options for a personal bridal shower word search.

Making Your Bridal Shower Word Search

A lot of planning goes into both a bridal shower and a wedding. That’s why word searches make a great bridal shower game – you can create one in seconds. Choose words and a design that fit the event and you’re good to go!

To give you some ideas for words to use, look over the word list on this standard bridal shower word search.

Then, there are plenty of ways to personalize your word search. Who’s on the guest list? Add their names to the word search! Or create a similar word search by adding the names of those in the bridal party.

To make it a little trickier, change the word list from the word search. Add the names of the members of the bridal party to the puzzle. Then, add their role to the word list. Guests to the party will have to pair the names up!

Your bridal party word search might also hint at the party itself. Words can include food at the shower or games you’ll play.

The best bridal shower word search will have at least a few words about the bride, or the bride and the groom. Add words relating to how they met, some of their best memories together, and the proposal.

Here’s an example of how personalized a bridal shower word search can be. Notice how the puzzle is in the shape of a heart for love. Your bridal shower word search could also be in the shape of a flower.

When Will You Play?

Give guests their bridal shower word search before the shower, during the shower, or afterwards. You can make different puzzles depending on when you give out the word search.

Before the Shower

Adding a bridal shower word search to your invitations will get guests excited for the event. Plus, it’ll make the invitation feel extra special.

If you’re sending out a paper invitation, have the puzzle printed onto the center or back of the invitation. Or print out a copy to add separately.

For electronic invitations, include a link to the bridal shower word search. Or upload a image of the word search to the invitation. If your invitation software allows embedding, you could even embed your word search for guests to solve on the spot.

During the Shower

The bridal shower itself is a great time to solve a bridal shower word search. Pair it with other games or add it to the decorations.

“What’s in your purse?” is a common bridal shower game. Make a word search to go with it of common purse items.

How well do you know the bride and groom? Take this standard bridal shower game up a level. Put the questions in the word list and the answers in the word search, making it like a crossword puzzle.

You might even run a little contest with your bridal shower word search. Give out prizes for whoever solves it first, or use solved puzzles as entries to a raffle. Or make a bridal-themed Word Search Bingo game.

Using an image of your bridal shower word search, add your word search to any decorations you’ll have at the party. Put it on napkins, plates, or cups and guests can solve it with markers. With a site like For Your Party, personalized printing is easy.

After the Shower

There’s still time to enjoy a bridal shower word search after the shower is over! Hand out gift bags or totes with a printed word search inside. Or personalized the bag or favors with the word search. It’ll be a great keepsake for guests long after the wedding.

Use a bridal shower word search as a unique thank you card. You can make word searches about the gift a guest gave you and how you plan to use it. Make one search with all the gifts you received, or make a personalized word search for each guest. They’ll feel so grateful to have you as a friend!

No matter what kind of bridal shower word search you make, My Word Search is thrilled to be a part of the special day. Let us be part of the big day as well! Wedding word searches and wedding crossword puzzles are even more fun and special. Make your word searches today to make tomorrow’s memories.

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