How to Make a Birthday Word Search for Kids

birthday word search

Everyone loves a custom gift. However, if you search for a “birthday word search” online right now, you will find plenty of delightful word searches decorated with balloons––but filled with generic words.

These generic word searches would all work fine for any old birthday, but you probably want something special for your child’s birthday. After all, your child is special! That’s why you will want to know more about how to make a unique birthday word search for your child.

Creating Custom Word Searches is Easy

With  My Word Search, making the actual puzzle couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is enter your words and customize how you want it ti look. Then, watch the magic maker build it before your eyes.

How to Include a Word Search in Your Child’s Birthday

To make your child’s birthday special, why not make a custom puzzle? There are many ways you could incorporate this fun activity into your birthday gathering:

  • Include the names of your child’s guests in a word search
  • Do the puzzle together during the party and give out prizes
  • Send a custom birthday word search home in a goodie bag
  • Give the word search to your child as a surprise gift
  • Make the word search part of the invitation that gives clues about the party fun
  • Use the word search as a place mat for kids to solve as they wait for cake

What to Include in a Birthday Word Search

When creating a custom puzzle for your child’s birthday, there are many different words you can add to your word list. Here are a few dieas:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Favorite clothes and toys
  • Favorite foods
  • Names of friends and family members
  • Places you’ve been together
  • Funny stories, jokes, or words you share
  • Favorite books and characters
  • Hobbies

Online Word Search Solving Ahead of Time

If you want to create hype for your party ahead of time, you can send a paper or electronic word search before the party happens. Adding a link to your puzzle will make it an easy addition.

Use Word Searches as Placemats at the Party

You can also make a birthday word search into placemats to keep the kids occupied while food is served. If you go so far as to laminate them, kids can solve them with dry erase markers and then you can reuse them for the next party! Creating multiple word searches will increase the novelty as well.

Now that you have an idea in mind for when your kids will use a birthday word search, get ready to make it!


How to Make a Birthday Word Search

Making a word search is incredibly easy. Here’s how it words:

Step 1: Choose Your Shape

Most word search makers only allow for puzzles in a standard square format. With my word search maker you get a variety of shapes and sizes to add to the fun. You can select your child’s favorite shape or a shape that relates to the birthday party.

Popular shape include:

  • Heart
  • Smiley face
  • Boat
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Lightning bolt
  • Spiral

Step 2: Create Your Word List

Next, just start adding words in the word blanks.  You may want to write out a list beforehand of unique, specialized words, or you can just start typing in anything that comes to mind.

To get started, begin by choosing more open-ended words that seem generic, but are made specific when thinking of your child. This can include their birth month, what presents they will get, what kind of cake they like, and other related elements.

For a kid’s word search, we recommend between ten and fifteen familiar words, depending on the child’s age. We also recommend a medium-sized puzzle. Kids will feel a greater sense of satisfaction if they’re able to finish the puzzle in a manageable amount of time. A child is likely to get distracted or overwhelmed with a longer list of words or a larger puzzle, especially on a particularly stimulating day like a birthday.

Step 3: Publish

Once you add your words, just click “Publish” and that’s it! Your word search will form in front of you and be ready to review and print. Try it out.

Examples of Birthday Word Searches

Making a word search for kids can do a lot to add to the special day. We love how this parent made a word search for her daughter’s third birthday.

We also love this puzzle where the word list included each of the guests. Puzzles like these can give you some more ideas for your unique word search.


Be sure to save your word search or searches to remember the day by. You’ll always have your puzzle saved in the word search maker in My Word Search, which means you can solve the puzzle again later on and reflect on the memories.

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