Biology Crossword Puzzles Explore the Circle of Life

biology crossword puzzles

While all subjects can be considered comprehensive in their own right, biology is the study of all living organisms. That’s pretty comprehensive! It means the span of biology crossword puzzles could also be called comprehensive. This post provides a sampling of the biology crossword puzzles on Crossword Hobbyist. You can make your own right away, read this post for ideas, or feel free to view more puzzles on the biology page.

From Cells to Kingdoms

Many biology crossword puzzles focus on the cellular level of organization. Considering this is the first step to understanding life on a larger scale, especially in the classroom, this is understandable. Take “A Tour of the Cell” with puzzles like this one.

Teachers have also gotten students “Stuck Inside the Cell” and have helped their students “CELLebrate Biology.” The latter puzzle features a lot of “my” clues, which can help students visualize the cell better, even though it’s microscopic.

Don’t forget to differentiate between animal and plant cells! This crossword puzzle highlights their key differences.

Then step out even further by studying the results of certain biological functions. This “Biology of Behavior” crossword examines how the cells build into the various systems of the body, such as the endocrine system and the nervous system.

Different Disciplines in Biology

The concept of life is expansive, which means the study of life has many different disciplines. Some of these disciplines include:

  • Anatomy
  • Bioengineering
  • Ecology
  • Neuroscience
  • Zoology

And this is just a fraction of biology disciplines. You can view a more comprehensive list through the biology department at UNC Pembroke.

Keeping this in mind, you can make puzzles within specific branches of biology. This crossword covers zoology, while this one is for neuroscience, for example. Puzzles like these will help students understand how cells turn into living organisms and their different functions.

Into the Classroom

The best way to cover what your students need to know is by making your own puzzle based on your lesson plan. Biology crossword puzzles focused on vocabulary are particularly popular among the teachers who use Crossword Hobbyist. This “Biology vocab” puzzle provides an example.

Biology crossword puzzles are often used for review as well. Use general biology crossword puzzles to reinforce what a student already knows, like with this “What Do You Know About Biology?” puzzle.

Make sure your clues and answers get to the heart of what your students need to know. Use the clues to review their problem areas, or focus on answers that will be on an upcoming test or quiz. For more on making crossword puzzles for the classroom, read the research on it.

Once you make your crossword puzzle, let us know how it works out for your class! If you find anything particularly effective for your students, share it in the comments to help other teachers lead their students to the same level of success.

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