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Bible word searches

Scripture plays an important role in daily life for many Christian families. Parents want to teach their children the words of great verses at a young age. A Bible word search will help your kids learn any Bible verse and its meaning. If you already have a plan for a puzzle, go ahead and make your word search. Can’t choose between so many favorites? Let these Bible word searches help.

Choosing a Bible Verse for Bible Word Searches

With so many wonderful Bible verses to choose from, it’s no surprise you might have a hard time choosing one. Narrow down your options by choosing a verse with one of these three ideas in mind.

#1 Thematic Passages
Sermons are often given with themed verses, and your word search can do the same. If you went to a particularly moving service recently, or you want to review a Sunday school concept with your kids, make a word search with a verse on those themes.

Of course, you can choose any thematic concept to review with your children, whether or not it was introduced elsewhere. Do you want to teach your children more about family, or hope? Choose your favorite passage on the subject, then make a word search with it.

If you’re celebrating a holiday, you can also choose a verse related to the holiday, such as a “giving” verse for Thanksgiving.

#2 Daily Verses
If you read a Bible verse daily, or receive a daily Bible verse through a site like Verse of the Day, simply use that verse to make your word search. Making word searches daily can feel like a lot, so you might want to make a little one just to reinforce the words and concepts with your kids. This “Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30” word search provides a good example.

#3 From a Particular Book
The verses vary depending on the type of book your verse comes from. Many of the word searches on My Word Search come from psalms and proverbs, but you might prefer to select a verse from a particular prophet, for example.

Making Your Bible Word Search

Once you have your verse or verses, then comes the puzzle creation! The order of events doesn’t matter as you can change your words, design, size, and word direction at any time. Most people choose to start with the words.

When choosing words for your Bible word search, pull the most important words or ideas from the verse. For short Bible verses, each word can go into the word search like in this “Matthew 20:26-27” word search.

When quoting a bible verse like this, make sure to turn off the “list words alphabetically” function so the words appear in the right order.

When selecting the size of your word search, it will depend primarily on how many words you choose and how difficult you’d like to make the puzzle. A longer word list or a larger puzzle will increase the difficulty. A smaller puzzle with fewer words will be easier to solve.

It’s also fun to select a relevant shape. Shapes work well with thematic passages. Verses about love or giving might have a heart, such as in this word search about the famous Bible verse, John 3:16.

Nature Bible verses can have a tree or a flower. Your word search might also physicalize a more metaphorical concept, such as this “Growing in the Faith” word search for Peter 1:1-11

And of course, you can always just choose a shape you like!

Have your kids make Bible word searches with you for extra fun and learning. Read the verses together as you make and solve your word searches. You might also get inspired by more Religious word searches others have made, or you might like to demonstrate your knowledge of scripture further through Bible crossword puzzles.

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