5 Kinds of Beach Crossword Puzzles for Beach Day

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Everyone loves going to the beach! It’s a great outdoor summer activity. There’s no better way to get excited and educated than with a beach puzzle. There are five kinds of beach crossword puzzles you’ll want to make for your trip. With our crossword puzzle maker, you can make the ultimate beach day crossword puzzles.

5 Kinds of Beach Crosswords for Beach Day

Whether you plan to solve your crossword on the way there, at the beach, or after a fun-filled day, each type of these puzzles will have you covered.

#1 Getting Ready

Use a crossword to teach your kids how to pack for the beach (and as your own personal checklist). What do you dry off with? What do you need to make a sandcastle? These are the types of clues you’ll want to add to your “Packing” crossword. This Beach items puzzle may give you more ideas.

#2 Beach Safety

The beach is great fun for everyone, but it also comes with hazards. Make sure your family is ready for the potential dangers with a beach and water safety puzzle. A crossword will help kids to remember important safety information in a fun way. Clues can range from, “What you use to protect your skin from the sun,” to “Who to call if you see someone struggling in the water.” The “Beach Safety” puzzle below shares more good beach safety clues:

#3 Where You’re Going

Each beach is unique, which means you’ll be able to make a unique crossword for the beach you visit. Clues might include:

  • The name of the beach
  • The restaurants you’ll visit
  • Animals at this particular beach

This crossword about the Hilton at Pensacola Beach highlights all the great things about this particular Hilton.

#4 Science of the Beach

School might be out for the summer, but kids can still learn plenty, especially on a beach trip. To make a more educational crossword, gather facts about the beach. Then, make clues or answers about each one. Some facts to list include:

  • How sand is made
  • What causes tides
  • Ways to keep the beach clean
  • Terms for different parts of the beach

For more fun facts for kids to include in your crossword, visit this list from Science Kids. This list of 33 English beach vocabulary terms from FluentU will help, too. Notice how the vocabulary words include safety terms, packing words, and even beach slang!

#5 Favorite Beach Activities

Of course, you’ll most likely want to list your favorite beach activities in your puzzle, too. Sandcastles, swimming, and surfing can all make their way into your crossword. Personalize your crossword about what each family member loves to do at the beach. For example, one clue might say, “Lucy loves to make ____ with her shovel and bucket.” The answer: SANDCASTLES.

The crossword below skillfully includes clues and answers for all five kinds of puzzles. Solve it before making your own.

Going to the Beach With Your Crossword

As mentioned before, you might make a beach crossword specific to when you plan to solve it. Before you go to the beach, it’s a good way to occupy kids during the drive. Solving a safety or packing crossword beforehand will also help the whole family prepare for the trip.

Once you’re at the beach, you can enjoy your crosswords, too. It makes a relaxing activity to enjoy under an umbrella with an ice cream. Just remember to put it on a clipboard or in a folder so it doesn’t blow away! Or, if you go to the beach often, you may even laminate your puzzles. Then, you can solve them with markers every time you go.

No matter which kind you make and solve, beach crosswords will add something extra special to your beach day. And when you make your own crossword, you’ll double the fun. Don’t forget to make a beach word search, too, with your favorite beach words. If you want to get especially creative, try making a beach bingo card using our Bingo Card Maker. Instead of using the typical letter and number combinations, fill the cards with beach related words.

All these games together will help give your family the most memorable beach day of their lives.

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