Turn Basic Algebra Problems into Algebra Word Searches

algebra word searches

There are basic algebra problems. Then then are story problems. Now there are word search problems, where a student must solve a basic algebra problem and find the correct answer in the word search. Learn how to make algebra word searches for your basic algebra problems, or make your own now.

How to Turn Algebra Problems into Algebra Word Searches

Most teachers make algebra word searches that focus on vocabulary, and that’s a great start! We highly recommend vocabulary word searches to help students get used to the more complex mathematical terms. Once they’ve learned these terms, it’s time to put the math into a word search.

Step 1: Have your problems and answers ready to go

The tricky part about adding algebra problems to word searches is remembering to enter the answers to the problems first as fully-written words. So first, have your answers written out with their corresponding equations. Make sure none of the answers repeat. Two problems might both have “twenty” as a solution, which could be confusing within a word search.

Basic algebra problems might also work better in a word search as longer problems will automatically indent in the word list. Finally, consider switching the word list order from the “Alphabetically” option to “As Entered.” This will create a more random word search.

Now it’s time to add your words to the “Add Your Words” section!

Step 2: Change the word list to the corresponding math problems

Again, confirm that you have all of your answers in first. If you go to change a word in the “Add Your Words” section, it will also change the word in the word list. Once you’ve done this, add your equations to the word list. It should look like the image below.

algebra word searches

Step 3: Give detailed instructions

Give clear directions to ensure students know how to solve the algebra word search and how to show their work. You might provide them with extra paper, or have them solve the problems right in the word list. Students might also use different colors to circle or highlight their answers so you know they circled the right answer for the corresponding problem.

Expanding On Your Algebra Word Searches

The best part about the word search maker at My Word Search is how much you can customize your puzzle. Perhaps all of the problems in your word search focus on systems of equations, or functions. You could also expand vocabulary by adding the definitions of key terms in the word list while putting the answers in the word search. That way, you can rest easy knowing your students have total comprehension.

Algebra word searches will provide a fun and unique way for students to solve math problems by allowing them to use multiple skills at once. And don’t forget, you can make similar crossword puzzles as well.

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