Advent Crossword Puzzles for Your Advent Calendar

advent calendar advent crossword puzzles

Advent sneaks up on us right after Thanksgiving, meaning this is the perfect time to think about your Advent calendar. Need ideas for what to add to it besides candy and chocolate? Make an Advent crossword puzzle! Advent crossword puzzles are a fun and unique addition to any Advent calendar. Make yours now, or gather some ideas for making and sharing your Advent crossword.

Words and Clues for Advent Crossword Puzzles

The most straightforward way to make your Advent crossword puzzle is to add words related to the season, then come up with clues for them. Solve the Advent crossword puzzle below for some ideas.

Have your Bible nearby while you’re making a crossword, too. Then you can add words and clues from your favorite passages. This Christian made puzzles for each of the four Sundays of Advent based on scripture. As you can see, this particular puzzle is for Love.

For younger children or those newer to the Christian faith, a more generalized Advent crossword puzzle may be helpful. For example, this simple crossword quizzes solvers on the meaning of each Sunday of Advent.

As you can see, 6 Across asks about the Advent wreath. Your crossword might focus solely on the wreath, too. Clues and answers might reference the meaning of each of the colors, what the candles stand for, and more.

Your Advent crossword puzzle might also focus on the rituals, history, and traditions behind Advent. These can be general or specific to your family. Personalized puzzles can answer questions like what church your family attends, or what Advent traditions you celebrate at home.

If you still can’t decide on clues or answers for your crossword, remember that your clues might relate to who will solve it. Not sure who will solve it yet? Get some ideas in the next section.

Sharing Your Advent Crossword Puzzle

There are plenty of places to share your Advent crossword puzzle. A congregation would have great fun with an Advent crossword at a church event. Hand them out at potlucks, or add them to the church’s website.

Many families gather during the Christmas season as well. Add your Advent crossword puzzle to your family’s Christmas party. If you send out a Christmas card or a newsletter for your family at the end of the year, you can put your puzzle in there, too.

And of course, you can share your Advent crossword by adding it to your family’s Advent calendar. You may want to alter the clues depending on its placement in the calendar. Add a crossword early in the Advent calendar to give hints towards what else your family will find. Similarly, a crossword can reflect upon what was previously in the calendar, or what other Christmas activities your family has participated in.

Not all Advent calendars easily fit a crossword puzzle, though. If you already have a small Advent calendar, you could always put a slip of paper with the link to your puzzle inside. However, if you’re not settled on a calendar yet, we like this Advent calendar from Live Laugh Rowe; it would easily hold a crossword puzzle. Then you can add holiday pencils, sharpeners, or colored pencils for extra fun.

For more Advent calendar ideas, here’s our Pinterest board, “Advent Calendars for Advent Crosswords.” Each of these calendars would be perfect for sharing your Advent crossword.


Kids cherish traditions formed in childhood for the rest of their lives. An Advent crossword would make a wonderful addition to your current Advent traditions. Advent word searches are very popular as well. Make your crossword or word search in time for this Advent season!

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