About Us

BrightSprout offers the best activity makers online. It all started in 2013 with an easy online crossword puzzle creator called  My Crossword Maker (formerly Crossword Hobbyist). Since then, we’ve added several more activity generators, starting with My Word Search in 2015. My Worksheet Maker, My Bingo Maker, and My Flashcard Maker were launched a few years later in 2020. 

With no ads, dozens of customizable features, online and offline sharing options, and reliable customer service, people from all over the world create crosswords, word searches, worksheets, bingo sets, and flashcards across BrightSprout builders. In our community library, BrightSprout also offers over half a million free word searches, free crosswords, free worksheets, free flashcards, and free bingo sets made by teachers, kids, parents, businesses, and hobbyists.

About the Founder

Jonah Phillips started Crossword Hobbyist in 2013 because someone told him not to start a website for teachers, and he doesn’t like being told what to do. He gave Crossword Hobbyist its sister site, My Word Search, in 2015, then additional worksheet, flashcard, and bingo builders in 2020. He currently lives with his wife and toddler in Brooklyn, New York.