7 Types of Unique Content to Embed Into Your Blog Posts

unique content to embed into your blog posts

Most bloggers know about embedding social media posts, videos, and infographics to engage followers. However, there are other lesser known tools available which you should consider adding to your website or blog. By using more unique content to embed into your blog posts, you will attract and engage more of your audience.

What makes these less-used tools great to embed? Each one goes beyond sharing information to encourage reader interaction. From running a contest with puzzles or quizzes, to creating conversations around music and travel, each type of content listed here will ensure a great visitor experience.

That’s why all of these can serve as valuable tools for bloggers, no matter what your niche may be. Make your posts pop with these seven kinds of unique content to embed into your blog posts.

#1 Crosswords and Word Searches

Any type of game on your website will encourage readers to stay longer and engage with your content more. A crossword puzzle maker or a word search maker, such as those available at My Crossword Maker and My Word Search, offers the unique benefit of creating puzzles specific to your content. Plus, you can embed any puzzle onto your blog or website. You can also collect the customer’s puzzle submissions to use for an online contest or giveaway!

Many online businesses use them as a tool to show customers what they offer. They also use them as a tool to promote products and giveaways. Learn how to embed a crossword puzzle here and a word search here.

#2 Chat Boxes

Chat boxes like tlk.io create discussion with your readers in real time. They’re particularly well-suited for live events like webinars and other high-traffic pages. Visitors can chat with each other directly, or you can talk to your visitors one-on-one for a personal feel. An embeddable chat box will also drive traffic to your site.

#3 eBooks

Embedding an eBook into your blog offers several benefits. If you’ve written a book yourself, it will give your followers a sample of your book before they buy it. You can also easily include your book with an online course you offer. Even if you haven’t written your own book, you can give great book recommendations through embedding. Learn how to embed Kindle eBooks here.

#4 Slideshows and Presentations

Slideshows and presentations allow you to share several photos at once without endless scrolling. These tools will also help you run your online courses, recommend products to your readers, or simply share your information in a new and visual way. Embed a Google presentation with the help of Lifehacker or with a visual guide here.

#5 Panoramic Views of Cities

Want to show off where you’ve been? Where you’re going? A panoramic view of cities will give your readers a greater understanding of your travels or of the world at large. Visit Moscow University in winter, then hop on over to the beaches of Cuba in an instant. Learn how to embed here.

#6 Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to ensure that visitors are paying attention to your blog post with a fun activity. They also help promote the content on the rest of your website. By embedding a quiz, you’ll encourage visitors to check out other pages and blog posts to correctly answer the questions.

To encourage participation, write a few general-knowledge questions to hook solvers. Then, add more complex questions that will require searching your website.

#7 Music and Playlists

While most visitors don’t want music blasting when they open a website, they can enjoy a well-curated playlist as they read a blog post. And you don’t have to be a musician to benefit from embedding a music playlist onto your blog posts. Simply select music that suits your post – it might set a mood or give some sort of context to the information – and embed it to the top of the post. Embed a Spotify playlist with these easy instructions.

Good bloggers know that content is king. Great bloggers know that great content is not limited to just words or images. By creating unique content to embed into your blog posts, your site will stand out to your readers and your peers alike. Furthermore, it will help you to build a stronger, more informed community within your niche. Try out a few of these today and take your blog to the next level.

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