5 Organization and Business Word Search Games We Love

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The word searches made at My Word Search focus on many wonderful topics, from school subjects to holidays. Some of the most specialized word searches come from organizations and businesses. They make puzzles to engage customers and promote their product. Of all the organizations that have made word searches, here are five of our favorites and why we love them.

What We Love about Organization and Business Word Searches

We love all the word searches made at My Word Search, but there’s something special about these five. Here what we find so engaging about them.

They offer something special

Word searches are special by themselves. Add a word search to a website that sells an unrelated product, and it will delight customers. They can also offer something exclusive to their readers by featuring word searches in their newsletters or member sections.

They engage customers

These word searches are engaging enough to keep visitors at their websites longer. Businesses also use these word searches to teach their visitors about their services. They all focus on their product, and some focus on special events they offer.

They speak to their audience

While these word searches focus on the business, they focus on the customer more. Each of these word searches demonstrates an understanding of the business’ customer base.

Word Searches We Love Made By Organizations and Businesses

Now you can see for yourself what makes these business word search games.

Author Barbara Freethy

Don’t be surprised if you can’t reach this word search through her website. That’s because it’s a members only exclusive. By creating a word search for her members, Ms. Freethy shows them her gratitude. They also make her readers feel exclusive. Plus, the word search focuses on her book. This will either entice members who haven’t read that book to buy it or offer a bonus to those who have read it.

American Business Women’s Association

If you don’t know the American Business Women’s Association, their word search will change that. The words show member benefits, their mission statement, and their goals. All with a single, fun word search!

Columbia Montour Aging Office

This word search for the Columbia Mountour Aging Office gives readers a clear picture of who they are and what they do. The word search itself speaks to their audience, too. It’s one of the many engaging activities they offer their senior residents. Plus, they might feature this word search in a brochure for their facility.

With the word search maker at My Word Search, these organizations and businesses could embed a word search onto their website. The word searches then attract and engage customers. You can, too, by making a word search today. Share yours in the comments and it might get featured on this list!

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