4 Ways to Add a Wedding Crossword Puzzle to Your Big Day

wedding crossword puzzle

As you’re browsing the web for clever activities and decor to add to your wedding, you see an image of a crossword puzzle with a place setting. When you click it, you realize this couple used a crossword puzzle maker to make their very own wedding crossword puzzle–how exciting!

It sounds unique and fun, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. When would I use it? How would I make one? Whether you both love crosswords or you just want a unique and fun wedding activity, there are a number of ways guests can enjoy a homemade crossword puzzle at your wedding, too.

Ideas for Including Custom Crosswords in Your Wedding

1. With the Invitation

Most people receive a wedding invitation, put the date in their calendar, send in their response, and then leave it at that. With a homemade crossword puzzle, your guests will feel an extra sense of fun and anticipation for the wedding. What other fun activities will there be on the big day? What delicious food will be served? Give your guests hints with a fun wedding crossword puzzle.

2. On the Program

When the ceremony begins, all of your guests will send their joy and love to you. Almost all weddings have a bit of wait time at the beginning, though. Place a small crossword puzzle into your program to give people a quiet activity for both kids and adults to enjoy while they wait for the main event to begin. Fill the puzzle with clues about love and marriage, or give special clues about the bride and groom and the ceremony about to take place.

3. As Conversation Starters

Whether your guests are old friends from school or new friends meeting for the first time at your wedding, a wedding crossword puzzle can get the conversation going. You can give each table or guest their own unique crossword with specific clues and memories, or you can make a general crossword puzzle for everyone to enjoy. Then watch as your guests begin to bond over shared memories.

4. As Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be tricky, as you’ll want to give your guests something to remember the day, but not something that ends up cluttering their homes. A crossword puzzle commemorating your event fits the bill. Remind guests of the songs played or of the decadent cake served with clues they will remember years later. You can even pair the puzzle with monogrammed pencils and a small eraser or pencil sharpener. Top it off with a picture of the couple on the back for a complete package.

If you haven’t proposed to your special someone yet, remember – homemade crossword puzzles make for a great engagement story, too!

To visualize these ideas, check out our Pinterest board below filled with real-life images of how others have added a wedding crossword puzzle to their event.

If the thought of making a crossword puzzle overwhelms you, it doesn’t need to. An easy crossword puzzle maker like My Crossword Maker will help you make the perfect puzzle for your perfect day. You can make your puzzle in seconds by inputting any word you want and giving a clue to go with it. Then watch as each word fits into the puzzle like magic! Don’t let the thought of craft stop you from adding a great wedding crossword puzzle to your day; a crossword puzzle maker can help.

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